Chihuahua To Get Mexico’s First Wingate Hotel

MP Mexico News Staff

Chihuahua, the capital of the state of the same name, doesn’t get the tourist numbers of Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, or any other number of Mexico towns for that matter. Many more adventurous travelers stop in as a gateway to the unparalleled Copper Canyon, where they find a clean, sprawling city that might remind them of Tucson or Albuquerque. With an elevation at nearly 5,000 feet and a population of 750,000, the manufacturing and high-tech industries keep the economy perking along at a higher rate than most of the country. With several universities that produce a well-educated citizenry, Chihuahua is a model for other Mexican cities to emulate.

Now Wyndham Hotels has announced that Chihuahua will be the first location of their Wingate brand, which targets the business traveler. Each of the 137 rooms will feature a desk, internet access and a high-tech phone system.  Located near the city airport, Wingate will surely be a huge success which other chains are sure to follow.

Mexico Premiere highly encourages our readers to visit the old city of Chihuahua, and then on to the Copper Canyon. There is more to Mexico than stunning beaches and colonial towns.

Puerto Vallarta Completes a Major Harbor Improvement Project

MP Mexico News Staff

Big things are happening in Vallarta. The end of 2007 marked the end of a major project in Puerto Vallarta’s harbor infrastructure. It was considered the most important improvement project undertaken in recent years within the Mexican port system.

Currently ranking third in terms of cruise ship arrivals to Mexico, this massive $30 million dollar improvement project will extend the life of Vallarta’s cruise ship terminal by 50 years and increase arrivals by 15%. The project consisted of the demolition of one pier, and the construction of two new piers, allowing three of the industry’s largest vessels simultaneously. In addition, positions were added for smaller ships to make it appealing for cruises of all kinds.

In 2007, Vallarta gained more than $35 million in revenue from the consumption of products and services such as taxis, restaurants, local tours, crafts, souvenirs, and more. As a direct result of Puerto Vallarta’s harbor improvement, in 2008 the local economy will receive and additional $5 million in income.

For more information on Puerto Vallarta and this project, please visit and

Mexico Fools The Experts

MP Mexico News Staff

Mexico, the country of great mystery, continues to stump the  money pundits. Projected to catch a cold from the pneumonia epidemic to the north, the current economic numbers portray  a relatively healthy population. However, one quote from this  LATimes story baffles the MP News Staff, who are admittedly not money-savvy observers.

Here is the quote:
“Economists see Mexico weathering a possible recession this year in the U.S., as expanding credit allows consumers to spend more.” Huh? Isn’t that exactly what got the U.S. in this recession in the first place; subprime loans where anyone who could fog a mirror was approved for whatever amount they wanted? Didn’t we learn in the 1980’s that an economy fueled by borrowed money was a house of cards waiting for a stiff wind?

Whatever, it’s good that Mexico stands on its own and not totally dependent on America’s fortunes. Here is the piece from the LA Times:,1,7932102.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

Don’t Mess With Marfa


If you haven’t heard of Marfa, well, maybe it’s time you did: a little town in the Texas panhandle less than an hour from the border of Mexico, it’s become famous as an artists’ retreat and now as a stage for a couple of Academy Award winners (No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood).

It’s also becoming ground zero for one of Mr. Bush’s NAFTA deals, made back when he vas guvnah. Apparently, the idea is to build a super-highway that will run right through the center of town, connecting the Midland-Odessa inland port with the US border at Presidio with western Mexico. It’s called La Entrada al Pacífico, or the Corridor to the Pacific. It has its very own website with a picture of the guv, by the way. Just on the face of it, it sounds like one more case of BIG BUSINESS BUTTING IN where no one wants it and at the expense of everyone around it. Big Business with “B” as in “Bush.”

Of course they’re up in arms in Marfa, as well they should. However, according to the article, not much on the Mexican side has been done to connect to this super-highway. If you look on the MOTRAN website, the latest news is that El Sauzal roadway to the deep-sea port of Topolobampo (in Sinaloa) is “currently being constructed by private business interests in Mexico… Completion of the road is scheduled for 2004.” (Oh, and they misspelled “Topolobampo” in the site, calling it “Topolobompo.” Nice.)

Here’s an update from Wikipedia:

“The trade route begins in Topolobampo, Sinaloa, and travels along Federal Highway 23 to Choix, Chihuahua. From there, the route goes to San Rafael, Chihuahua, on currently non-existent roads that are supposed to be finished by 2010. From San Rafael, the route goes to the state capital, Chihuahua City. The corridor then follows the newest section of highway to the border crossing of Ojinaga/Presidio.”

So, the good news is, it doesn’t seem like anything’s moving forward too quickly so their still might be time to stop it. To quote my buddy Simmonds “It’s all an effort to create a North American Alliance similar to the European Union. I personally like the concept of separate, diverse nations…it makes the world a more interesting place. Big Biz obviously wants it to move all manufacturing to a country with a $5 a day minimum wage. Adiós middle class America.”

IMHO, I totally agree.,9171,1713476,00.html

Those Mexican Border Lines

MP Mexico News Staff

Once again, there is a major Mexico news story in the LA Times about the lack of tourists visiting the Tijuana/Rosarito region these days due to reports of robberies and drug runners vs. the Feds battles. This is getting worse instead of better and Mexico needs to turn this around quickly before it spreads to other areas of the country. With tourism the 3rd largest money generator for the country, you can be sure that it is not going unnoticed and is causing some serious concerns.

But Mexico Premiere has another observation for the  Mexico business slowdown…the damn border waits!! We personally know of many people in SoCal who have quit making the weekend and day-trips across the border, not for fear of being harmed, but because they refuse to sit in two-hour traffic lines to re-enter the U.S. One person has just reported to us a mid-Monday morning crossing wait of 1 1/2 hours, and a full hour for the pedestrian line. This is unacceptable. MP does not want to consider how many empty beer cans are being refilled with recycled brew.

It is not the Mexican officials who are stopping the traffic flow. It is U.S. Customs, and we’re not sure why they are doing this. Whatever the reason, it needs to be changed. They are messing with many people’s livelihoods who can ill-afford to lose business. So, Customs guys…let’s speed it up a little. Either that or place a few outhouses along the path.,0,508172.story

Junkers Invade Mexico

David Simmonds

Old American cars, like old Americans, have always found a way to spend their golden (broken down) years in Mexico. In the 1970’s I knew a guy who, whenever he needed to sell his battered car, would drive it over the border into TJ where he would drive to a neighborhood, leave the keys in the ignition, and walk away. The insurance companies were not very adept at tracking these things back then, so he’d collect his payoff for his “stolen” vehicle and go buy another beater. Eventually, he had a hard time keeping insurance and had to find other scams (I’ve heard he’s now a successful lawyer).

These days legally shuttling old cars to Mexico is a booming business due to some NAFTA provisions that are now kicking in. It seems that many Mexicans prefer the heft and size of the gas-guzzler cars and trucks from the U.S. and they can purchase them for a fraction of the assembly line new models. Indeed, old used import sales now outsell the new cars.

It’s good to see recycling being done in such a imaginative and entrepeneurial manner, but the downside of dirty air from the exhausts of these metal dinosaurs is causing some people to question the wisdom of this new practice. And you can bet that the car manufacturers are not pleased with the clunker invasion as their sales stagnate. It sounds like the ideal time for someone to go into the catalytic converter business.

For the full story click here,1,929179.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Pepe From Cabo Pulmo

by David Simmonds 

It’s always good to hear Mexico news from old friends. Pepe Murrieta recently sent me the email below. I first got to know Pepe when a friend, Chris Hogan,  and  I had a non-profit organization called the Sea of Cortez International Preservation Foundation. At the time Pepe was “the guy” in Cabo Pulmo…it seems that everyone knew him and his love and care for the area that features the only coral reef in that part of Mexico (southern Baja). The non-profit raised some money and we drove a four-wheel drive, very used Suzuki Samurai 900 miles down the Baja peninsula to hand Pepe the keys.

So, if you have met Pepe, here is what he’s up to these days. And if not, and you are in the area on the East Cape of Baja, stop by and make a new friend. He knows as much about the Sea of Cortez as anyone I’ve ever known. And he’s just really a very fine guy.

From Pepe:

Hola to all my friends !!!!I would to thank you all for all the good times we had together in the past few years ! specially for those that met me when I started Pepe’s Dive Center in now Cabo Pulmo National Park !

How ever as some of you remember I was married and had two beautiful kids , Natalia & Nico which now they are 13 and 15 , I have to moved to Los Barriles because of their school , so I left Ricardo Jr and Dany in charge of Pepe’s Dive Center in Cabo Pulmo , and I have been working at for the last year and a half now , so I know this family for a number of years and I’m in charge of the activities we have a number of activities including Dive Tours to Cabo Pulmo , we are building a new Dive Boat for these tours and Im also organized Eco Tours to Sierra La Laguna National Park where we have water falls and hot springs , and we do day tours to La Paz and Cabo San Lucas , please check our web page and I hope we can have fun together again !!!You can contact me by :  CEL PHONE : 011521-6241682232EMAIL : pepesactivitiescenter@gmail.comNEXTEL : 62*298727*3US PHONE : (858)9643716 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PEPE’S DIVE CENTER AND THE MARINE PARK , PLEASE CHECK OUR WEB PAGE OR CALL ME MY CEL :011-521(6241682232), NEXTEL : 62*298727*3 US PHONE : (858)9643716  HAVE A GREAT DIVING DAY !!!!