The 35th Annual Tianguis Turistcio Travel Marketplace Kicks Off in Acapulco

By: Lisa Coleman

Hola from Acapulco!! Touted as the largest tourism trade show in Latin America, Tianguis has always been the definitive place to meet, greet, and promote tourism in Mexico. After last year’s untimely swine flu and earthquake, many vendors approached with a touch of apprehension. Nonetheless, it appears things are business as usual here.

President Felipe Calderon  arrived on Sunday to make the opening speech and launch this year’s event. Joined by the country’s new Tourism Minister, Gloria Guevara, (who replaced Mexico’s longest serving Tourism Minister, Rodolfo Elizondo Torres) Calderon spoke about the importance of the tourism in Mexico’s future and acknowledged that Tianguis is the “most important business platform in Latin America for the tourism sector.”

Calderon has high hoped for Guevara who comes from the private sector and is well known for her experience in tourism. She was the C.E.O. of Sabre Holdings Corporation Mexico (since 2005), a company that boasts booking as a million travel reservation transactions a minute during peak activity. She was also listed as one of Mexico’s Most Powerful Women by Expansión Magazine. Her platform is to push the growth of tourism without sacrificing the environment, as well as to find ways to help the small and medium-sized tourism companies to thrive. Guevara has a master’s degree in marking (Universidad Anahuac – Mexico City) and in business administration (Northwestern University – Evanston, Illinois).

We have found things to be a bit quieter this year, but overall the festivities seem in full swing. Attitudes are good, and no one is pretending the road back will be easy. But as usual, the hoteliers and destinations are here, selling their hearts out to promote their country. Their tireless efforts are good to see and we hope they reap the rewards of their efforts.

President Calderón Awards International Octavio Paz Prize

Octavio Paz

During the award ceremony for the Octavio Paz International Poetry and Essay Prize, President Felipe Calderón confirmed his total commitment to the free expression of ideas.

“The days when government’s opinion was the only one that counted are long gone. Nowadays all voices, particularly the voices of science, intellectuals and humanists are crucial for Mexico,” he said.

Accompanied by his wife, Margarita Zavala, he said that today, more than ever, plurality is essential for consolidating a future of freedom, progress and well-being for all Mexicans. “The most valuable voice is that of plurality,” he said, adding that, “The greatest tribute we can pay Octavio Paz is to promote culture in plurality and freedom of thought, and expand freedom and democracy, which, as he said, are complementary.”

Winners of the 9th Poetry and Essay Prize were Ida Vitale and Ramón Xirau

Approximately 2 Billion Pesos to be Invested in Environmental Projects


Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources
Mexico City

Environment and Natural Resource Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira said that his department will invest two billion pesos in developing biodiversity conservation programs and promoting sustainable development in six key regions of Mexico.
“Federal Government will assign 334 million pesos to natural protected areas and 1.414 billion pesos for the conservation of forests and jungles through the National Forestry Commission in 2010.”
He explained that this amount includes 200 million pesos contributed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Carlos Slim Foundation as part of an agreement signed by the three parties on World Environment Day held in Cozumel, Quintana Roo last year.

Jalisco To Host The World Celebrities Motocross Race

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (April 14, 2010) — The state of Jalisco will welcome some of the world’s best motocross bikers as it hosts the World Celebrities Motocross Race, set to take place in Guadalajara’s town of Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, at the Nicolas España motordome on July 31st and August 1st, 2010.

The event is expected to draw a crowd of over 40 thousand visitors. Participating in the World Celebrities Motocross Race will be 10 of the best bikers from around the world including: Ricky Johnson (USA), Jeff Ward (USA), Sebastien Tortelli (France), Lobito Fonseca (Costa Rica), Stefan Everts (Belgium), Nicolas España (Mexico), Jean Sebastian Roy (Canada), and the Latin American champions Adrian Roberts, Pedro Gonzalez and Erick Vallejo.

During this event, a selection of Mexican riders will be classified to compete in the Motocross World Championship, which will take place in San Bernardino, California on November 6th and 7th, 2010.

This two day family festival will also include a freestyle show, hot air balloons, rock concerts, beauty contests, and more.  And of course, visitors are welcome to take some time to enjoy all that Guadalajara has to offer, from its beautiful churches to its delicious gastronomy as well as shopping for typical arts and crafts.

Motocross is a spectacular form of motorcycling, which takes place in an enclosed off road circuit and combines speed and energy with the agility of the riders.

¡Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Guadalajara!
¡Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Guadalajara!