by Ron Mader

The Guelaguetza is one of Mexico’s most important festivals. The ‘big days’ are two Mondays in late July when the regional dances are performed in the ginormous auditorio, but the atmosphere that pervades Oaxaca is a celebration that transcends the marathon performance. Today is the octava and the conclusion of the best Guelaguetza season in years.

You can get a taste of the event through livestreaming video at 10am and 5pm 

Can’t make it this year? Mark your calendars – July 22 and 29, 2013.

Guelaguetza 2013

Mayan Hotel Xixim: Wellness Center Provides Serenity in Nature

Mexico Today News:

If you’re visiting Merida, be sure to spend some time in Celestun and  check out the Hotel Xixim . This eco-friendly, luxury property is for those who truly want to disconnect from civilization.  With 32 bungalows designed to be a part of the landscape, Xixim is one of more unique properties I have visited in Mexico. At home on a pristine and deserted stretch of beach, Xixim appeals to the adventure traveler who also enjoys the perks of a fine hotel.

You won’t find air conditioning or television in the rooms, but you will find two beautiful pools, a wellness center, an excellent bar and restaurant (complete with vegan and vegetarian menu items), and top notch service.  I did an earlier post about Celestun and recently the following article was posted about the property on the Mexico Today site. Read more:

BMW Delivers Electric Mini Coopers for Mexico City Project

Mexico Today News

The German automaker BMW delivered 12 models of the electric Mini Cooper , Mini Es, to high profile individuals, such as government officials and researchers in Mexico City. This distribution hopes to gain information from the new drivers on the electric cars’ mobility and power consumption, as well as road conditions in a highly congested like the Mexican capitol.  Read more…

Pueblos Magicos: Pátzcuaro, Michoacán is Known as the “Door to Heaven”

Mexico Today News:

Mexico Today is doing a series on the Pueblos Magicos, so stay tuned for links to their articles. The natives from the area use to say that Pátzcuaro was the place where heaven’s doors opened and the gods ascended to the sky. Its original name Tzacapu-ansucutinpatzcuaro actually means “door to heaven”.  Read more…

Working Tour of Sonora

Hermosillo, Sonora, 16 July 2012.- During his tour of the state of Sonora, President Calderón inaugurated two roads that will improve traffic and therefore, the quality of life of the inhabitants of Hermosillo.

Firstly, the bridge over Bulevar García Morales, at the intersection with Bulevar Antonio Quiroga, links major freeways and will benefit over 62,000 vehicles that travel through the area daily. Moreover, in order to speed up traffic entering and leaving the south of Hermosillo, a road distributor was built on Bulevar Solidaridad, at the intersection with Manuel J. Clouthier.

Measuring one kilometer, it will ease traffic for the over 100,000 vehicles traveling through the area. The president remarked that the Federal Government’s investment in these two works exceeded 560 million pesos.

The president stressed that by 2011, the Federal Government had assigned nearly 7.5 billion pesos for the construction and modernization of highways and country roads in Sonora. These resources have permitted key works such as the modernization of the San Luis Río Colorado-Mexicali and Caborca-Sonoyta roads and the construction of the International San Luis Río Colorado Bridge. To have some idea of the funds invested in the modernization and construction of the highways in the state, suffice it to say that the amounts are greater than the entire amount invested in all the country’s highways five years ago. In regard to other achievements in infrastructure, the president announced that in addition to highway, water supply and treatment projects have also been completed.

At the end of his tour, President Calderón inaugurated the Family Medicine Unit No. 68 of the Social Security Institute, which will serve over 70,000 members. This clinic has an Outpatient’s Unit, which will permit surgeries that do not require the patients’ hospitalization, as well as two operating theaters, areas for chemotherapy, hemodialysis, and 9 doctor’s surgeries. It will deal with specialties such as oncology, ENT, pneumology, nephrology, endoscopy, urology, orthopedics and ophthalmology.
During his administration, 27 new hospitals and clinics have been built in the state of Sonora alone, such as the San Luis Río Colorado Hospital, the Huatabampo Hospital, the Mother and Child Hospital in Obregón and the remodeling of Hermosillo General Hospital
The president concluded his address by announcing that the Popular Insurance Scheme has contributed to universal health coverage in Sonora and declared that universal coverage is an achievement of which all Mexicans should be proud.