The First Mexican Whisky is Born!

The Best Spirit Company S.A. de C.V. announces that it is producing whisky in Mexico.

 AGUASCALIENTES, Mexico, Oct. 07, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Best Spirit Company S.A. de C.V. announces that it is producing whisky in Mexico and have obtained all permits and certification from the local government and the Ministry of Economy of Mexico.

“Our leading Brand ‘Williamson 18’ will be retailing at $8.00 per bottle in liquor stores in Mexico, and will be priced 20% cheaper than whiskies that are imported from the USA or Europe,” says Jose Luis Perez, General Manager of The Best Spirit company S.A. de C.V.

Williamson 18 is the answer to a very high demand that whiskies in general are having around the world, but at a very affordable price for the same quality as imported whiskies.



“Our Mexican Whisky ‘Williamson 18’ will also be exported to many countries around the world through a distribution network of class A liquor distributors who will take advantage of this novelty product.”

Williamson 18 is produced in the city of Aguascalientes Mexico in a brand new 5,000 square meters bottling plant equipped with brand new state of the art maceration tanks, distillation equipment and fully automatic bottling machines.

“Our plant is able to produce up to 200,000 cases per year of 700, 750 & 1,000 ml glass bottles; we anticipate the production to increase to 500,000 cases by the end of 2015 and 1 million cases of whisky in a can 355 ml.”

Whisky in a can is very affordable and will be exported all over the world, it is 100% recyclable and very light comparing to the glass bottle.

There was Scotch Whisky, American Whisky, Japanese whisky, now there is Mexican Whisky which is the new kid on the block. “This is a genuine MEXICAN WHISKY and it is a perfect product for mass market consumption,” says Jose Luis Perez.

Viva Mexico!

You can contact us at: The Best Spirits Company S.A. de C.V. Municipio de Tepezala # 113 Parque Industrial del Valle de Aguascalientes.
San Francisco de los Romo, Aguascalientes. C.P. 20355 MEXICO

Telephone No.+52 (449) 973 4486 E-mail:

Sacred Rides: For Adventure Fanatics and Their Kids

 Mountain Biking, Yoga, Beaches, Volunteering and… Kids

On 8-Day Family Escape to Mexico

 TORONTO, Ontario, Oct. 7, 2013 – A real tropical adventure for adults that’s also kid-friendly? One Canadian mountain bike adventure company has come to rescue fat tire fanatics who love their kids – and their passion for an active escape.

Frustrated by a fruitless search for such adventure, Mike Brcic, president of Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures and a father of three young children, decided to take matters into his own hands and develop an adventure that he could take his own family on – and not get bored.  The result is the company’s new Ultimate Family Adventure on the sunny Pacific Coast of Mexico.

The company that helped pioneer mountain bike adventures in 13 remote and exotic destinations internationally and in Canada announces December through April, 8-day family multi-sport adventures on the coast and in the mountains north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. See:

Every morning mom and dad can get their adrenaline kicks on local jungle and mountain trails while kids aged 4 and up are supervised by trained ‘childminders’ in age-based, fun-infused activities. Afternoons target family togetherness and fun: ocean safaris, surfing lessons, horseback riding, cultural interactions through volunteer opportunities and more.

Mex kid surfing sm edThe trip includes accommodation (kids stay in parents’ room), meals, guided daily mountain biking, child minding, family activities, a horseback adventure, a panga (fishing boat) journey to Marietas Islands National Park (see dolphins, turtles, manta rays and grey whales), and all transfers including airport pick-up and dropoff at Puerto Vallarta airport.

The adult rate is $2195 CAD per adult; this includes a mountain biking package for one of the adults (to allow flexibility for families with only one mountain biking parent) and one child for every 2 adults booked. Additional children cost $899 CAD, including accommodation, meals, transport and activities.

One 2014 date has been set, March 1 to 7 with more to come. Custom group departures are available December through April for groups of 4 or more. Interested parties are asked to contact the Sacred Rides office at or 1-888-423-7849.

The adventure is all based out of the spectacular Playa Escondida hideaway resort on a jungle-fringed private beach one hour north of Puerto Vallarta, just outside of the friendly and fun town of Sayulita.

Later in the week, after spending the afternoon in the chilled-out town of San Pancho, the families will head into Sayulita for dinner and a salsa lesson for the whole family at one of the local restaurants – learning to swing their hips like the locals do.

Mexico - yogaFollowing lunch on Day 5 in the town of Los Ayala, participants will take a short drive to a nearby village where the afternoon will be spent volunteering with a local community project. It’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce kids to some of the challenges that communities face in Mexico and how making a small contribution can make a big difference.

For those new to mountain biking, Sacred Rides has posted a video on YouTube called “This is why we ride — a celebration of mountain biking.”

For more information, visit the Sacred Rides website at, or call 1-888-423-7849.

About Sacred Rides

Ranked “#1 mountain bike tour operator on Earth” by National Geographic editors, Sacred Rides offers small-group, single-track mountain bike adventures and skills camps in 13 destinations worldwide. Historically known as the company for serious fat-tire fanatics, in 2013 the company has launched a new line of trips focusing on novice bikers who have little or no experience with mountain biking, with an infusion of region-dependent multi-sport activities. In all of its destinations Sacred Rides emphasizes responsible tourism that makes direct, meaningful contributions to local communities.

 For More Information, Tour Itineraries and Reservations Contact:

Sacred Rides 1-888-423-7849 / +1.647.999.7955 / Website:


Almost White by Rick Najera – book review

AlmostWhite FINAL_with Cover-1 1

by David Simmonds

Almost White
Rick Najera
Smiley Books, New York, NY

A good book keeps you turning the pages. When you put it down for the night you do so reluctantly – you want to know where it is going and how that might affect you. But above all a good book teaches you something you didn’t know, it expands your perspective in directions you didn’t know existed. You learn something new, and you are better for it.

Rick Najera’s new book, Almost White, succeeds on all counts. It is Rick’s story, from his childhood in San Diego to his successes in Hollywood and Broadway, told with a stark honesty of what it means to be an Hispanic in the “white man’s” traditional domain.

We meet Rick first in the hospital ICU where he is recovering from a bout of pneumonia and a vicious fall that nearly kills him. It is a dire situation, but as is true throughout the book, Rick deftly melds humor with drama as he tells his entertaining stories of his climbing the illusionary ladder, albeit often two steps up and one step down – but always forging ahead, knowing that his life’s work is what he was meant to do, not only for himself and his family, but for the many other talented artists of color who do not always find a voice or an open avenue to succeed.

Reading the book you quickly learn that Rick is a funny guy. After all, Najera writes comedy in Hollywood and it is apparent why. In Living Color and MADtv don’t hire hacks, and he has written for both. He has also written, directed and starred in Latinologues, making him one of only three Latinos to do all three on Broadway. So he has the background to make his story a legitimate one. But there is undeniably an undertone of anger present as Rick recounts his experiences as being perceived as – almost white. It is not a manufactured anger of “woe is me”, but an anger built on years of frustration, obvious racism and nailed-shut doors. And you, the reader, understands that anger can often be a positive force. Anger has always been the spark that has fueled positive change, and that is why, I suspect, Rick has written his story.

Now back to my first paragraph, does the reader learn something from reading Almost White? Yes, without a doubt. I have known people who have tried a life in Hollywood, and it is very difficult to succeed. That’s the reality for anyone not named Clooney or Streep. But having read this book I have learned that there is another layer of challenges for anyone born with the last name of Cepeda, or Trujillo – or Najera. It is real, and it is wrong. Almost White is a well-written, informative read that I highly recommend.

Note: Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and various bookstores.

Artist Wayne Hilton Announces Hermosos Huesos, a Traveling Art Installation Inspired by Dia de Los Muertos

Three-year national tour to launch with help of crowdfunding campaign

LAS CRUCES, N.M., Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A lifelong passion for the Mexican culture and a fascination with the Dia de Los Muertos holiday led artist-designer Wayne Hilton to create the Hermosos Huesos project.

Hermosos Huesos, which poetically translates to beautiful bones, is a thirteen piece art installation featuring intricately hand-crafted, mixed-media figures called Las Calaveras Catrinas. These figures, a nod to famed Mexican illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada, have been created by Hilton from recycled, reclaimed and antique materials. Each Catrina stands 14 to 17 inches high and is portrayed in its own unique environment which is housed within an artistic case.

Hilton will officially launch Hermosos Huesos this Thursday, October 10th at a private event in Las Cruces, New Mexico. His first complete public installation will be unveiled just in time for this year’s Dia de Los Muertos holiday at the El Paso Museum of Art. Subsequent installations will be part of a traveling exhibit launching in 2014.

“As the project has grown, the importance of the education and outreach behind the work has become significant, almost as much as the art itself,” said Hilton. “Through this work, I want to both stimulate the observer and inspire the artist.”

Initially, the project was supported by Hilton’s own resources, but has since developed on a larger scale, garnering national press and interest from multiple museums around the nation, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Due to the interest and success of the project, Hilton will launch a 50-day crowdfunding campaign at Tax deductible donations will allow the project to begin its three-year nationwide tour beginning November 2, 2014—at the Mulvane Art Museum in Topeka, Kansas. The fundraising efforts will be used to underwrite a three-year museum tour, documentary film and book.

Contribution levels range from $10 to $25,000. Those who donate $35 or more will receive a special Catrina mask to participate in a social media campaign—50 States in 50 Days— where followers can post a photo wearing the mask using the #HermososHuesos hashtag for a chance to win official merchandise. Other donor incentives include: signed prints, tote bags, eco-friendly guitar picks, shirts and VIP tickets to the premier gala and showing of Hermosos Huesos.

Hermosos Huesos (“Beautiful Bones”) is a 13-piece traveling art installation created by designer Wayne Hilton. Drawing inspiration from 19th century illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada, Hilton has designed a collection of Calveras Catrinas figures–female skeletons–often associated with Dia de Los Muertos (“Day of the Dead”). The pieces are made from recycled, reclaimed and antique materials. Please visit or for more information and upcoming events.


Tourists Say “We Like Mexico”

It seems like the travel public is getting the true message – finally. After years of the media’s attempts to scare the public with over-sensational reports of how they are sure to get robbed, maimed or killed if they venture to Mexico, the public is responding “eh”. Room occupancy rates are up and people are coming not just from the U.S. and Canada, but from all over the globe.

People have finally figured out that if they aren’t dealing dope or running guns they aren’t going to be targeted by the cartels and their minions. There is, of course, some crime in Mexico – name a country that doesn’t have criminals. But the rates are actually fairly low in Mexico, especially where the tourists go. Here is an encouraging report from the Pasadena Star-News