Baseball In Mexico

David Simmonds

I have recently penned a Baseball in Mexico piece as a guest columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle’s web site (filling in for the great Christine Delsol). It was the perfect subject for me, since baseball and Mexico have been a big part of my life. Many of my best times have either been playing ball or traveling south-of-the-border. The other best times cannot be mentioned here because my kids read this.

As I was doing the research I was reminded of the U.S. – Mexico baseball connection and how not many people know that fascinating history. Now I’m thinking that maybe I should write a book about it. Hmmmm….

Anyway, while I ponder that wild hair click on here for the article

3 thoughts on “Baseball In Mexico”

  1. Simmonds! I recently went to my very first béisbol game in Mazatlán – go Venados!!! What fun! Loved the game, the food, the company, everything… Especially watching the players hanging out in the dugout LOL You should see some of the pictures my amigas took, hee hee hee

  2. David,

    Very good article,

    As a group Tour Operator we always add to our tour narrations important and historical information to our passengers as this one you mention about the Baseball in Mexico.

    Many people has different versions, what I know is that this game was brought to Mexico by the US workers from the Southern Pacific Rail some time around 1908.
    In the city of Empalme, very close to Guaymas, Sonora, it was a main station and the headquarters from the company.

    US rail workers formed teams and taugh the Mexican how to play out the positions and the sport caught on and today the Mexico’s Pacific Leage plays from October to January.

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