Those Mexican Border Lines

MP Mexico News Staff

Once again, there is a major Mexico news story in the LA Times about the lack of tourists visiting the Tijuana/Rosarito region these days due to reports of robberies and drug runners vs. the Feds battles. This is getting worse instead of better and Mexico needs to turn this around quickly before it spreads to other areas of the country. With tourism the 3rd largest money generator for the country, you can be sure that it is not going unnoticed and is causing some serious concerns.

But Mexico Premiere has another observation for the  Mexico business slowdown…the damn border waits!! We personally know of many people in SoCal who have quit making the weekend and day-trips across the border, not for fear of being harmed, but because they refuse to sit in two-hour traffic lines to re-enter the U.S. One person has just reported to us a mid-Monday morning crossing wait of 1 1/2 hours, and a full hour for the pedestrian line. This is unacceptable. MP does not want to consider how many empty beer cans are being refilled with recycled brew.

It is not the Mexican officials who are stopping the traffic flow. It is U.S. Customs, and we’re not sure why they are doing this. Whatever the reason, it needs to be changed. They are messing with many people’s livelihoods who can ill-afford to lose business. So, Customs guys…let’s speed it up a little. Either that or place a few outhouses along the path.,0,508172.story