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MP Mexico News Staff 

We heard from our friend, C.M. Mayo, and wanted to share her message with all of you.

Dear friends and amigos of Tameme:

We are delighted to announce the publication of Tameme’s second bilingual chapbook,  “Los fantasmas del Palacio de los Azulejos” / “Ghosts of the Palace of Blue Tiles,” a beautiful collection poems by one of the most outstanding Mexican poets of his generation, Jorge Fernández Granados, splendidly translated by John Oliver Simon. As many of you know, Tameme recently ceased publication of the Tameme literary journal in order to focus on publishing chapbooks. Our mission is to promote English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English literary translation by publishing new writing from North America— Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. With the chapbooks, we celebrate and disseminate this new writing and translation in an attractive and more affordable format.

Click here to read the title poem, “Los fantasmas del Palacio de los Azulejos” / “Ghosts of the Palace of Blue Tiles”. The chapbook’s cover painting, “Tiled Window, Seashell and View of Mexico City,” is by Mexican artist Elena Climent. Read about our other titles, including last year’s chapbook, “Carne verde, piel negra / An Avocado from Michoacan,” a short story by Agustin Cadena, in the Tameme catalog .

Please consider purchasing a copy for yourself, for friends (it makes a great gift!), and if you teach, please also consider adopting a Tameme chapbook as a textbook.

Tameme, Inc. is a nonprofit foundation based in the state of California. Your purchase and / or donation help support quality literary translation and intercultural understanding.

Sincerely,C.M. Mayo   
Editor, Tameme http://www.tameme.org/