Mexico Playboy Issues Apology

David Simmonds

Playboy magazine probably has had many reasons to apologize to someone over its long publishing history. They could start by saying I’m Sorry for becoming so mainstream and irrelevant as to hardly be recognizable by some of us who grew up reading the cutting edge philosophy of Hefner, who other than showing naked women, extolled the virtues of civil rights, the separation of church and state, free expression and conspicuous consumption. This was all laid out in what was called the Playboy Philosophy, which was developed over several years in the 1960’s.

But instead, Playboy has issued an apology to Mexico for the cover on their Mexico Playboy December issue depicting an unsmiling stone-faced model with a white cloth adorning her head and little else. It seems that some people thought it was disrespectful  to the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe who is honored this month with her own day In Mexico City, and about every other day of the year throughout the country as far as I can tell. So Playboy, not wanting to offend anyone or be stoned, asked for forgiveness, saying they meant no harm.

In a country with some serious problems it would be nice to see more concern making life better and maybe exhibit a keener sense of humor. Besides, the offended people probably aren’t the same group who buys the publication anyway.