8th annual rural tourism fair videos show Oaxaca’s best

Oaxaca, Mexico – Presenting the first two videos from the 2008 Rural Tourism Fair prepared by Erick Igari. The first video documents the web training workshops conducted in Oaxaca City.

The second video documents the walk around Santa Maria del Tule with visits
to the indigenous Mixe craft store Ayuuk and the Chinanteco restaurant Caldo
de Piedra.

Also – Ahuehuetes of Santa Maria del Tule, a walk around town in search of
the famous Tule Tree’s extended family.

Today – Walk with the Weavers in Teotitlan del Valle! Our motto: think smart, travel slow.

More videos later this week. The Oaxaca Options Information Exchange takes place Saturday morning at Amigos del Sol. Full details and an updated agenda online