A Message From President Calderon

Mexico City, Official Residence


Over the past few days, in the terms stipulated by law, I have had the opportunity to share with you some of the most important aspects of the status of the nation and public administration, for which I am responsible, on the occasion of the Second State of the Union Address, which I submitted to Congress, in keeping with the Constitution.

This is a suitable moment for us all to renew our commitment and redouble our efforts for the benefit of Mexico.
I would like to tell you that my government will continue working every day to search for and find solutions to the issues that most concern you and your family.

The task of transforming Mexico requires everyone’s effort and commitment.

Although we have problems, we are coping with them and we will overcome them and succeed.

That is why, during the third year of government, I invite you to continue building the Mexico we want with firmness and determination.

Let us work together towards the same objective: a safer, fairer, cleaner, freer and more democratic Mexico. A Mexico in which all Mexicans will be able to live better.

Thank you.