A Moving Service To Mexico

David Simmonds

One of the first things I counsel people about when they contact me about their desire to move to Mexico is that they need to make damn sure they know what they are getting in to. They usually know about the many benefits of living in a paradise for up to one-half the cost and the the interesting culture where people mostly practice the live-and-let-live philosophy. What many don’t consider sufficiently is how they will adjust to being a minority, or how much they will miss home, or what it’s like to change shirts three times a day when the humidity hits.

I always advise people to rent a place for several months before moving their stuff down. Many find that six months is a good experience, but the American life of the 21st century is where they are most comfortable. The corner convenience store open 24/7, local TV news blandly covering the latest house fire…the security of the familiar. But once they decision has been made, and they decide to go for it, the more minute decisions are considered. And one of the most important is what do you take and how do you get it there? The best advice is to move the stuff that you abolutely need but not everything you think you want. If you have a large house to fill you might want to move some beds and some furniture, but keep in mind that Mexico makes beautiful furniture that is going to be more practical than the Early American set that you purchased three decades ago. In very humid areas of Mexico you will want wood pieces that do well in that environment, and you don’t want things that rust easily if you are near the coast. You will want to take your computer equiptment and some other electronics, but you never know for sure what mood the custom inspector will be in…they have been known to supplement their incomes while haggling these issues. And you, the harried traveler, are not in a good negotiating position, as you just want to be on your way.

Which brings us to what I believe is a good solution: hire someone who knows what they are doing to move your goods for you. One such company, based in San Miguel de Allende, is SanMiguelMoving.com http://www.sanmiguelmoving.com/. They use a 26 foot trailer and will move you anywhere in Mexico. Prices generally run in the $4,000 – $12,000 range, depending on where and how much. They have a quote form on their web site and you can email them direct at SanMiguelMoving@gmail.com . The also offer auto delivery if you just want to fly in but have your car when you arrive.

Moving to another country is a big deal, and will stress you considerably at the beginning. You can lessen the physically hard part of it by contracting out to people who are experienced.