A Plea From Seawatch

David Simmonds

Mexico Premiere fully supports various environmental groups focused on Mexico. Here is a note from Seawatch founder Mike McGettigan. Please help to preserve the amazing diversity of sea life in the Sea of Cortez.

Dear Friends:

We must act now to prevent the full implementation of the by-catch provisions of Mexico’s NOM029-PESCA-2006.

These provisions allow commercial fishing boats, using non-selective longline and drift gillnet gear, to catch and sell currently protected sport fish, like marlin and dorado. The repurcussions will be devastating to 6 protected sport species.

Please take a moment to send an e-mail to Senador Luis Coppola and other government authorities asking for a senate investigation. With one click you will be presented with a choice of letters. Pick one and click send. With enough input from the public, these regulations will be reviewed and ultimately repealed. We need at least 1,000 e-mails to make sure our voices are heard. You can make a difference, but the time is short – act now: Click Here.

Mike McGettigan
Sea Watch

One thought on “A Plea From Seawatch”

  1. After experiencing the pristine waters off Loreto’s coast and becoming aware of what the people of Loireto have accomplished along with the government in establishing a protected marine park, it is, in my opinion, the waters in the Sea of Cortez must be managed in a careful, ecological way. It is a fragile eco-system that needs careful scrutiny for its protection. No place like it on Earth.

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