A Small Step in the Right Direction

MP News Staff

Things are taking a turn for the better in Mexico’s war against drugs. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Mexican government is making some headway in their struggle with the cartels. Seems Calderon’s strategy is working as there has been a reduction in gangland killings and the cocaine to supply to some U.S. cities has also been reduced. “And it’s doing so by employing new technologies and focusing chiefly on the Gulf cartel, based along the Texas-Mexico border, officials said. ”

According to the article, “Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora’s acknowledgement that the government is using more resources to eradicate the Tamaulipas-based Gulf cartel and its paramilitary enforcement arm, the Zetas, is a rare admission by senior officials.”

“They have a more violent behavior, and it’s more feasible to get them because of that,” Mr. Medina Mora said. “Arrests have also been made in the Sinaloa cartel. But they have adapted a more low-profile strategy. They are not as vicious or as violent.”

Further, “U.S. and Mexican senior officials credit Mr. Calderón’s tough crackdown for increasing the price of cocaine in the U.S. – from New York City to Houston to California.”

Looks like Calderon could really make an impact on this problem over the next several years. Let’s hope so.  It’s pretty early in his presidency, but so far, so good. It takes baby steps for this kind of battle… but let’s take them where ever we can get them. To read the complete article in the Dallas Morning News, go to www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/texassouthwest/stories/100307dntexcrackdown.348b4a2.html.