Miami, Fl; August 24, 2009— The Island of Cozumel, free of any military conflict since the ancient Maya, was recently declared the Island of Peace by the International Committee for the Banner of Peace, a non-governmental organization affiliated with the UN. And, because of this honor, the island will be the core leader of a splendid project known as “The Child, the Sea and Cozumel for Peace”, a symbolic expedition through the Atlantic Ocean delivering a message of universal peace and acceptance to the world.

Cozumel is an island that boasts a thriving cruising industry, deep sea diving on some of the best reefs in the world and a wealth of activities, perfect for any traveler. It is an island surrounded with people who thrive on the ocean’s turquoise waters, cherish its natural richness, and embrace it as a mecca for cultural and ideological encounters and has been chosen to be the standing ground for this message of peace, conservation and diversity.

The Trimaran Zamna, the ship of peace, will embark its  remarkable journey the 27th of August, on a trip that is expected to last 4 and a half months, before reaching its final haven, the Port of Pireus in Greece.  In its route, the ship will stop in 15 ports, with Miami Beach being the first city to welcome the ship and its crew in the United States. The election of this port was not arbitrary, since Miami Beach and Cozumel established a Sister City relationship in 1992 to strengthen their bond through artistic, cultural, educational and business exchanges.

Traveling aboard the vessel, will be a 12 year old Mayan boy –raised in family of fishermen, who has been chosen as ambassador of Cozumel throughout the entire journey

A welcoming ceremony will be held upon the ships arrival on Saturday, August 29th at 5:00 pm in the Miami Beach Marina.  Matti Herrera-Bower, Miami Beach City Mayor, Ambassador Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco, General Consul of Mexico in Miami, and Teresa Villarreal Director of the Mexico Tourism Board in Miami as well as a group of local children will be on hand to greet and welcome the arrival of the boy, the Captain and the ship’s crew.  As part of the ceremony there will be a symbolic exchange of flags, the Mayan boy will bestow the flag of Mexico and the flag of peace to a Florida child.

The Trimaran Zamna will remain anchored at the Marina for 5 days; during its stay different events will be hold at the ship:

  • Sunday, August 30th: The vessel will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., in order to allow the local residents to visit the ship and get familiarized with the project.
  • Monday August 31st: A private cocktail will be offered by the Mexico Tourism Board, for officials, distinguished members of the local community and press.  6pm
  • September 2nd: The Mayan boy and the committee of Peace will attend the inauguration of the exhibit Portraits by Mexican painters at the Miami Art Central.

The 3rd of September, the ship of peace will continue its journey to New York before heading to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia and Egypt on its way to the final destination in Piaro, Greece.

The ship, a unique handcraft wooden master piece of 110 feet long and three masts, was built by a team of 40 Mexican ship makers of the city of Alvarado in the state of Veracruz and will be commanded by Captain Vital Alsar an experienced and skilled sailor, from a fishermen family.