Mexico, D.F., October 16, 2010. – Aeromexico, the largest transcontinental airline of Mexico, operated its first set of “green flights” yesterday. The “green” routes were Mexico City-San Jose and Costa Rica- Mexico City. The objective was to promote the sustainable initiatives and actions to reduce the rate of CO2 emissions and polluting materials to help the environment.

The “green flights”, operated by Aeromexico’s Boeing 737-700, aim to save a fuel equivalent to 555 kilograms of CO2 emissions on both flights. On ground in Mexico City, they will save approximately 300 kilograms of emissions and during the stay in San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica, the savings could be of up to 180 kilograms of emissions. With a total of a little over a ton of CO2 that will not be liberated into the atmosphere, which is  comparable to the emissions of a midsize car traveling approximately 2858 miles.

These gas emission savings are achieved thanks to the techniques and procedures used on land and in air, and to the technology in this modern aircraft. The training of the pilots, flight attendants and ground personnel along with close coordination with vendors and entities in the Air Traffic Control, generate the ideal conditions to develop these flights.

In regards to the in-flight service, several new eco-initiatives were incorporated, such as the separation of organic and inorganic waste, the reduction of printed materials to generate less amount of waste and weight, the use of bio-degradable bags  (accelerated decomposition), 100% cotton in pillows, tablecloths and napkins, as well as biodegradable hand soaps, among others.

All of the food on board included organic ingredients and the vita film plastic and aluminum tops were eliminated and replaced with recyclable plastic cups and water bottles (elaborated with 25% recycled PET). In addition, the ultra modern light-weight carts used to transport meals helped reduce fuel consumption and therefore, pollution in the air.

Through the “green flights”, Aeromexico seeks to show the potential fuel savings, the usage of less contaminating materials and the environmental benefits that could be generated during the normal operations of a flight, promoting environmental preservation programs that have been already used by the airline.

In order to make this possible, Aeromexico counted with the support of various authorities and entities, such as, the Centers of Air Traffic Control in Mexico SENEAM / COCESNA / CENAMER, Costa Rica, the General Civil Aviation of Mexico and its equivalent in Costa Rica, Aeris Consortium (airport administrator in Costa Rica); Mexico City International Airport, ASA Combustibles (fuels), SEAT (Ground Support Services), Swissport and Coopesa in Costa Rica, among others.

With these initiatives, the airline seeks to become the pioneer in the industry in Mexico, and become a proactive partner of the efforts being made worldwide to improve the quality of the air and prevent climate change. Lastly, Aeromexico looks forward to generate sustainable projects, such as “green flights”, that involve the society and institutions, and motivate the community to engage in different causes for the benefit of the environment.



  1. I would like to look into becoming flight attendants. Could you direct me to information on your flight attending program? I’m speak Spanish and average English,I’m would like to come true my dreams, please help me,if is possible that I need to flight to Mexico for take the flight attendant training; I can do it, no problem. I would appreciate it very much your help. thank you.
    Marria Lourdes Stone

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