Alejandro Sanz Promotes Tourism Development in Mexico – Latin Superstar Graces the Cover of the Annual Collectors’ Edition of Baja Traveler Magazine

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BajaTRAVELER® Magazine, the prestigious sister publication to MexicoTRAVELER® and WorldTRAVELER®, unveiled today its 15th annual collectors’ edition with Spanish singing sensation Alejandro Sanz gracing the cover. BajaTRAVELER®, a favorite of celebrities and affluent readers, interviewed Sanz for the cover story:

“Mexico plays a big part in many of the happiest moments of my life,” said Alejandro. “After each visit a little piece of the country comes home with me. I love Mexico City, Guadalajara, Yucatan, Monterrey… It’s hard for me to choose just one destination; there are so many places where I could simply lose myself.”

When asked what drew him to Mexico in the first place, he said: “I’m amazed by the culture, the colors, the landscapes… Mexico in general fascinates me for its authenticity.”

“This what Mexico needs right now: postive testimonials from celebrities that have visited the country and have fallen in love with it,” commented Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo, President and Editor in Chief for BajaTRAVELER®. “That has been my mission during the 15 years that I’ve been publishing these magazines, to find celebrities that love Mexico and put them on the cover announcing their support for our country. Because despite its struggles, Mexico is still one of the best travel destinations in the world.”

BajaTRAVELER® spotlights the Best of Baja, bringing together beautiful people and beautiful places, highlighting the culture, colors and flavors of the region, along with contemporary trends and influential players; every issue focuses on high-profile events. The magazine targets—and reaches—leaders and professionals in a variety of fields, as well as affluent international readers. BajaTRAVELER®  is an annual collectors’ edition; with over five million readers world-wide.

Both BajaTRAVELER® and MexicoTRAVELER® are among the first publications to offer articles translated into six languages – English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Japanese – in line with their global distribution and readership.

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