All Federal Instruments will be Used to Protect Families’ Employment and Income – President Calderón

Celaya, Gto.- President Felipe Calderón declared that in view of the current crisis in the world economy, Federal Government will use all the instruments available to offset the decline in economic activity and thus protect families’ employment and income.
He said that standing idly by would have meant allowing the Mexican economy to drift, dependent on what might happen in other countries or leaving Mexicans at the mercy of the recession or unemployment, which is why the problems faced today demand that everyone play his role in their solution.
“The international crisis is something we cannot prevent because it is beyond our reach. What we can do is prevent it from impacting Mexico with all its force and we can offset this effect, reduce this impact and create the conditions for coping with it,” he explained.
Accompanied by Secretaries of the Economy, Gerardo Ruiz Mateos and Communications and Transport, Luis Téllez Kuenzler, as well as State Governor Juan Manuel Oliva Ramírez, President Calderón urged everyone: government and society, to assume the commitment of promoting the country and not being frightened by economic, safety or any other kind of problems and on the contrary, always seeking solutions and alternatives and above all, having the force and determination to cope with them.
During his announcement of the Rail Bypass in this municipality, the President said that since the start of his administration, he has proposed to turn infrastructure into a lever for national development that will boost the economy’s competitiveness, because despite the current economic situation, his government has planned public-private investment in this area for approximately 600 billion pesos.
The President reported that the Celaya bypass will have an investment of approximately four billion pesos by the time the work ends and that the 2009 Expenditure Budget will have 600 million pesos to launch it.
He pointed out that this project will help boost the industrial, productive and economic capacity of this city and El Bajío as a whole, which will translate into more jobs for the inhabitants of this state. Likewise, he said, it will improve road safety and eliminate the accidents that occur at these crossroads and have a positive impact on public safety.
“With works like this, we will continue working in Guanajuato and throughout the country, not only to help Mexico emerge from the crisis, because we are going to pull through, but also to build with a long-term vision for a future of more progress for the people of Guanajuato and all Mexicans,” he explained.