America the Beautiful….

By: Lisa Coleman

I know this site is dedicated to Mexico, but I couldn’t let this day pass without comment on the United States. I doubt the magnitude of today’s inauguration has really sunk in. Historically, to see Obama sworn into office is something that will forever change the course of America. I come from a long line of Republicans, but today was not about party lines or politics; It is about where we, as Americans, have evolved. I may not agree with all of his politics, but I do believe in the hope he brings to this country and the undeniable unity displayed today. Republican or not, my eyes well up when I hear the national anthem and, unlike some hard line conservatives, I will stand behind the President. He has set the bar high and has a long, tough road ahead. I hope today marks the true beginning of a new era for our country.

And, one more historical mention… the Cardinals in the Super Bowl??? Hell has indeed frozen over.