Another Perspective On Safety In Mexico

Thanks to our friends at Mexico Boutique Hotels for turning us on to this video by Rodrigo Esponda, Director of the Mexico Tourism Board’s office in Chicago, who gives us some much needed perspective on the situation in Mexico.

Yes, it really helps to look at a map, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Another Perspective On Safety In Mexico”

  1. Thank you, I have lived in La Paz BCS for over 10 years and have never felt unsafe.
    I have traveled throughout Mexico and found it to be safe, and the people friendly and welcoming.

  2. A timely and useful video. Unfortunately, most people’s (Americans and Canadians, anyway) map of Mexico is still very small. The mainstream media are to blame for this to a great extent IMO. They often can’t see the forest for the trees. Good to see the MTB trying to get the word out.

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