Another Tradition Bites The Dust… Power Meals, Here We Come

By Lola

I’ve always been a fan of the three-tequila comida. Seems to me a lot more than just business got done—camaraderie, friendship, conversation, ideas, laughter, good-natured discussions… It all ebbed and flowed quite nicely between courses and sips on a caballito filled with Guadalajara’s finest.

It seems, though, that with the Americanization of Mexico, this “time wasting” tradition—that so often ended in “…a bar crawl that led to a strip club or into the arms of a mistress in a pay-by-the-hour hotel…” is getting snipped in the bud in favor of “efficiency” and “clean-living”. I don’t believe they were always quite as decadent or quite the “orgy” as the knowledgeable Ms. Bremer seems to think they were in the following article—I do believe that somehow these “boozy” cronies that managed to keep Mexico’s business world afloat got something done. But that’s just me and my humble opinion of my fellow Mexicans.

Power omelettes kill Mexico’s boozy business lunch