AT&T Cutting Wireless Rates To Mexico

MP News Staff

AT&T (NYSE: T), already the country’s largest wireless company, has begun charging wireless customers in the United States 5 cents a minute when calling landlines in Mexico. Wireless to wireless calls to and from Mexico cost 21 cents a minute.

The new rate is part of the new AT&T World Connect Mexico calling plan. The company is targeting the high-growth U.S. Hispanic market, who spend more on their monthly wireless and long-distance services than the national average. A big part of that are international calls to Mexico.

AT&T is offering the 5 cents a minute rate to customers who sign up for AT&T World Connect Mexico from Oct. 15 to Jan. 15, 2008. Those who sign up at this time will get this rate locked in.

The company developed this plan as an alternative to international calling cards.

Carlton Hill, vice president of voice products and devices for AT&T’s wireless unit, says Mexico is the No. 1 international calling destination for wireless customers and this rate will allow them to call business associates and family in Mexico more often.

3 thoughts on “AT&T Cutting Wireless Rates To Mexico”

  1. What is the best way to handle telephone calls from and within Mexico? Is cell phone service available? I have seen information on buying prepaid cell phones, but am wondering if there is a standard provider? Is a cell phone preferable, and cheaper, than a land phone there? And, what long distance companies have good rates from Mexico to the U.S.? Thanks much!

  2. I have a Verizon Wireless plan called North America Plan
    (Which is different from the America Plan).
    I pay $119/month for up to 2000 minutes for all calls within Canada, USA and Mexico. It saves me a ton of money.
    I can be in Mexico and receive cell calls from anybody through my San Diego Verizon number and dial out with no extra charges.
    It works great!

  3. Thanks Chris! This would help considerably in calling out, but still have charges for receiving calls I assume? I’ll check on it though, and of course will still need a land phone for broadband Internet access there.

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