Be a Mule on your travels and get rewarded with great local experiences!

New start-up site,, allows people to get anything they want from anywhere in the world by rewarding a traveller with an experience – like drinks in a cool local bar – for delivering it.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA  – The idea was borne from the experiences its founders, Avis, Andrew and Alan, all seasoned expats who often found themselves missing treats from back home “I always wanted things like Barry’s Tea” says Avis an Irish woman living in Sydney, “but I couldn’t get it shipped and I was tired of waiting for friends from Ireland to bring it for me.”

“We realised it was a common problem as we kept seeing posts on Facebook from friends of all different nationalities who wanted stuff – like food, cosmetics and electronics – that they couldn’t get shipped to where they lived” Avis continues.

To solve the delivery problem, the team drew upon their travel experiences. Having visited more than 65 countries between them, they knew that it was always hard arriving in a new city not knowing anyone. “We knew from our own travels that we always had the most fun when we had a local connection, that way you don’t feel like a tourist and you actually get to experience a place like the locals who live there.”

“We thought that if we could connect locals who wanted stuff with travellers who want more authentic experiences, we could solve a real problem for both, and that’s how mmMule was born”.

One of the biggest surprises for mmMule’s founders Andrew, Avis and Alan the response they got when they soft-launched the site. Without any press coverage and just a little social-media seeding, the idea quickly spread around the world.

“In our first 24 hours we had 1900 unique hits from 59 different countries, had 50 requests posted and even had our first Mule delivery accepted from the UK to Australia.” Avis says, “What’s even more fascinating is that our second delivery accepted was to Nigeria.”

Some of the more unusual requests and rewards on mmMule include one from Joe, who runs a surf camp in France. He wants English bacon delivered from the UK; in return he’s offering his Mule free accommodation and surf lessons. Then there’s Keeli from NYC, who wants a brightly coloured blanket from Guatemala; in return she is offering a few drinks at her favourite little bar. Also Steven in Kazakhstan wants good quality coffee beans so in return he’ll put his Mule up for a few nights. And Henni in Canada who wants ‘real’ toilet paper from Germany; in return she’ll show her Mule around Toronto.

mmMule also has a part of its site, AngelMule, dedicated to helping the less fortunate. By becoming an AngelMule travellers can now use part of their travels to deliver urgently needed supplies – like clothing, food, sporting goods or used electronics – to organizations in need.


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