Big Wave Surf Contest In Todos Santos

surf contest

Press Release/January 22, 2010 From Baja Bound Insurance

I am really excited to announce that the Todos Santos Big Wave Contest will run this February for the first time in over ten years and Baja Bound is on board as a sponsor. You can check out more info about the event on our Todos Santos Contest page or by visiting the official contest website.


Geoff Hill

Vice President, Business Development
Baja Bound Insurance Services, Inc.
750 11th Avenue, Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92101
1-888-552-2252 x303

3 thoughts on “Big Wave Surf Contest In Todos Santos”

  1. hi there
    my name is DIEGO PERTUSSO
    i am resident of baja,from uruguay and mexican naturalisado.
    i am a big wave rider and i want to bee on that contest bad.
    i live on south them baja todos santos town.
    thanks for your help
    i consider that it shude bee a spot for me,it has to bee chance for new chargers.

  2. Diego, I may have pictures of you surfing Todos this winter. You were by yourself and I was on the other boat with a bunch of South African guys.

  3. so you surf todos by yourself have somebody tape you maybe you can get in on these event as for me i love to surf big waves i try to go out big makaha,waimea.sunset.logcabins you get it its hard for people to let you in belive me i live on oahu an surf almost everday an never get to surf an event or any pro contest im out there everytime these guys are out an sometime even when there not

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