Boo-hoo! Catholic Church Says Halloween = Satan

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Buaaaaahhhaaahhaaa!According to a report on Mexico City’s El Universal newspaper, the Catholic Church has issued a warning about Halloween to it’s millions of devotees through its weekly publication Desde la Fe, or From the Faith.

Linking this yearly festival to Satanic cults, the Archdiocese urges Catholics to avoid dressing as monsters, as the holiday goes against everything the Church represents.

The ecclesiastical institution dedicated the entire issue to the topic of the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, comparing this traditional Mexican Celebration with Halloween. In one of the articles it stated that “Halloween honors a culture of death, a product of a mixture of pagan customs” and considers the feast “has identified closely with neopagan groups as well as celebrations of the occult and the Satanic.”

It warns that the festivities have become so closely related to the occult that on the night of the 31st of October, celebrants in Ireland, the United States, Mexico and many other countries hold Black Mass, ghostly cults and other congregations “related to evil and the occult.”

“If we want to be true to our faith and the values of our Gospel, we would have to conclude that today’s version of Halloween has nothing to do with the actual celebration of origin, that it has become harmful and against our Faith and our Christian way of life,” affirmed the Archdiocese.

The institution also disapproves of the traditional monster costumes, which it insists is related to “evil (witches, black cats, vampires, ghosts and terrifying monsters) promoted by satanist trends.”

The text advises Catholics to participate in the activities that take place in several of Mexico City’s parrishes to counteract the influence of Halloween, such as contests based on the lives of saints and the Catechism that is taught to the children in the days previous to the Feast of All Saints.

3 thoughts on “Boo-hoo! Catholic Church Says Halloween = Satan”

  1. {{sigh}} No doubt Halloween is another orgy of excess that has unfortunately permeated Mexican society, edging out tradition in favor of crass consumerism (see: Santa Claus vs. Los Reyes Magos). However, I think la Iglesia needs to rethink its wording, since El Día de los Muertos also “honors a culture of death, a product of a mixture of pagan customs”. How confusing is that?

    And before anybody jumps on me, I’m just bagging on the Church’s literature, here, not on the actual tradition of DDLM… 😛

  2. Here in our village, the kids run around on Halloween, but they don’t ask for candy. They ask for money, which really angers some of the locals, who refuse to give it, but will give candy.

  3. You know what kids say in Puerto Rico? With a thick Spanish accent they go: “Tricotrí, halowí, dame chavo y no maní”– loosely translated, it means “Trick or Treat, Halloween, give me money and not peanuts!” Good grief! Where do they get this stuff???

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