Book Review: Oasis of Stone…

MP News Staff 

Oasis of Stone: Visions of Baja California Sur

by Bruce Berger, photographs by Miguel de la Cueva

This ambitious and beautiful book would be a perfect addition to your coffee table, focusing on the southern Baja California peninsula, as seen through the masterful camera lens of Miguel de la Cuevas and the evocative prose of Mexico-lover Bruce Berger. The conservation message is melded perfectly as the book focuses on the unique geology of the less-traveled Baja peninsula, from the rugged coastline, through the moon-like deserts, into the mountain ecosystems. Man’s intrusion does not go unnoticed into this fragile world with a cautionary warning of what could happen if we do not take care of what nature has provided over millions of years. The book, however, can stand on its own if for nothing else than the beautiful photography. I highly recommend it for anyone who has an eye for beauty, and especially for those who are pro-environment. ISBN 0-916251-76-5, 208 pages, 160 color photos. Co-published by Sunbelt Publications and the La Paz-based environmental group Planeta Peninsula