Bus Crashes Near Vallarta

By David Simmonds

The tendency for many people when hearing about the recent bus crash near Puerto Vallarta is to vow to stay off of the Mexico buses, or the roads altogether for that matter. But that would be a mistake. I don’t know the exact number, but Mexico has thousands of bus routes in the country. It is how the public transits from one town to another in a country where most families do not own a car. Yes, the accident was tragic, but one should not presume that Mexico buses are unsafe. The area of the crash outside the town of Compostela, is thick, tropical terrain with a two-lane road with hairpin turns and steep grades. I imagine that it might have been raining, since this is the season for it. I have driven this road many times and it is one of the most beautiful rides in Mexico. I have also taken buses over thousands of miles on Mexican highways and have always felt safe. These bus jockeys know how to drive under less than perfect conditions, but accidents are going to happen. Bottom line: if you want to see the country you have to hit the road, and the bus system will get you there as safe as they can. I’d bet that you have a better chance of getting hit by a drunk driver at home than having your bus crash in Mexico.