Calderon And Wife Announce Drug Program

MP Mexico News Staff

Mexico City – June 27

President Felipe Calderón and his wife Margarita Zavala announced the National Information Campaign for a New Life to tell all Mexicans what they can and must do to prevent children and young people from succumbing to drug addiction.
As part of the International Day against the Illegal Use and Trafficking of Drugs, the President announced that this campaign will establish the bases for constructing a safe Mexico in which children and young people can grow up free and without addictions, which is one of the priorities for Federal Government.
Over a thousand town halls from every state in Mexico will participate in this Information Campaign through the DIF State Systems, in which parents will receive all the necessary information and orientation for combating addictions from an integral perspective.
Accompanied by the secretaries comprising the Security Cabinet, as well as those responsible for Health and Social Development, the President declared that drugs constitute a 21st century form of slavery. However, he added that the authorities will work without ceasing until they rescue Mexico from the grip of criminals and prevent them from taking over Mexican youth.
“But during this long, difficult battle, I would like you to know that in the unity of Mexicans, in the perseverance and deep love of our country professed by 105 million Mexicans, we will achieve  victory, because there are far more of use who wish for a Mexico in peace and free of drugs and violence,” stated Felipe Calderón.
He recalled that as part of the offensive, since the start of his administration, joint operations have been carried out in various states to dismantle the logistic and financial structures of criminal networks, which has permitted the confiscation of over 55 tons of cocaine, which would have been used to distribute 1,100 million doses, as well as the seizure of 16,000 firearms and $250 million USD, a world record for Mexico.
The president added that through the “Let’s Clean Up Mexico” Campaign, the authorities have managed to recover public spaces that were in the hands of criminals, there is greater control in schools and the program of addiction control and prevention is already underway because what is at stake is children’s future.
“And this national information campaign will help us all, because we will only be successful, if, in addition to the fact that we must have better governments, we must also be better citizens and parents. Parents who play a more active role and keep a close eye on what is happening at their children’s schools.”
Within this framework, the president praised members of the Armed Forces for their role in the joint operations for combating criminals in the various states throughout the country, even at the cost of their own lives.
“We know that we must fight the real criminals with all our strength and with a firm hand, as we are doing now, but at the same time, we must not treat young people or teenagers as criminals. It is a mistake to criminalize those who are merely the victims of boundless ambition and criminal perversion,” declared Calderón Hinojosa.
Ten thousand promoters will participate in this campaign and the goal is to attend 50,000 persons by December of this year.
Federal Government will invest $589,972,198 pesos, confiscated from drug traffickers, in the construction of 310 Medical Specialty Units (UNEMES) or New Life Primary Care Centers for Addictions in areas with the highest indices of drug consumption.