Calderon Calls For More Immigration

By David Simmonds

Mexico president Felipe Calderon, calling immigration a “natural phenomenon that is economically and socially inevitable“, has called on U.S. lawmakers to make it easier for his countrymen to legally work north of the border. His request is not a surprise, and has some immediate-need merit. But at the same time he should be aggressively pushing for legislation in Mexico that will build a foundation of progress to create better job opportunities for Mexicans in Mexico. The social and practical impact of millions of young Mexican men leaving their families and hometowns to earn a living in el norte is far more harmful than helpful. Mexico is a resource-rich country blessed with hard-working, industrious people. At this time in history they now require a government more interested in addressing the majority of the public’s needs rather than the minority 
aristocracy that has controlled the nation’s wealth for far too many years. Both countries would greatly benefit, and both countries should be involved in solutions. The U.S is spending billions of dollars a week half-way around the world. A fraction of that money could be spent helping our neighbors better their country, which will create a stronger, united North America.