Calderon Comments On Crime – Will Not Back Down

President Felipe Calderón declared that his government does not and will not ever negotiate with criminal organizations, adding that it will fight them unreservedly.
In this respect, he said:
“We are determined not only to confront but also to use all the force of the state to combat Mexico’s enemies and to this end, we will defeat all those who wish paralyze government and society by sowing terror, despair and corruption.”
During breakfast with naval personnel, at which he presented awards, the President declared that in Mexico, the only way forward is through the Constitution and legality and pointed out that those that try to be above the law will be taken to the courts.
Accompanied by Naval Secretary Admiral Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza, he recalled that regardless of the cost, an unprecedented effort has been made to purge the forces responsible for security and justice in Mexico and ensure that its institutions will be reliable and serve citizens.
President Calderón said that having ignored or attempting to administer crime instead of dealing firmly with it in the past had terrible consequences for Mexico.
“Fortunately, just as the Mexicans of today are paying for the consequences of what was not done yesterday, we also know that what we are doing today is a seed that will produce results, which will be enjoyed by the Mexicans of tomorrow,” he said.
He added that this is a battle that Mexico will win with the support of the Armed Forces, and highlighted the brave, determined participation of the Navy in its fight against organized crime and drug trafficking.
“The work of our marines has been crucial to guaranteeing that our islands, shores and seas are well protected, in order to effectively fight Mexico’s enemies,” he said.
In addition to awarding prizes to Mexican naval personnel, President Felipe Calderón inaugurated the Specialized Naval General Hospital, in which over 1,100 million pesos were invested.
It has state-of-the-art equipment and avant-garde technology to provide quality medical service to over 250,000 beneficiaries and thereby take a great step towards improving the living standards of Mexican marines.
A propos of this, the President explained that this work has been made possible because of the support given to the Mexican Armed Forces and of course, the Navy. He mentioned that between 2006 and 2009, the Naval budget rose from $9.1 to over $16 billion pesos, which is an unprecedented increase of 75% in just 3 years.