Can Cozumel Survive More Tourists?

By: Lisa Coleman

I was doing my usual surfing for blog topics and I came across this press release. My first thought:  “that’s interesting.” My next thought, “enough is enough.” I guess I just don’t understand the need to build an amusement park in Cozumel. It breaks my heart when the lure of money pushes all concern for nature and preservation to the back burner. I fully embrace the educational aspect of “Mayan Adventure,” but the “man-made beach,” and “indoor/outdoor high speed roller coaster” are a bit much, don’t you think?

A man-made beach?  That is code for “we destroyed acres and acres of natural landscape and moved sand to accommodate more people.”  What’s up with that?  The entire island of Cozumel is only 26 miles long and 9 miles wide and is already stuffed with over a million daily cruise ship passengers a year.

There is only one town and the reef system (considered one of the most beautiful in the world) has already suffered considerable damage from the influx of divers and boaters. 

This is my favorite quote:
Henny Watts, Owner/CEO ReMax Cozumel, said: “This is a great opportunity for Cozumel. It helps put Cozumel on the map and allows tourist to see how much of a beautiful jewel Cozumel really is“.

I’m not seeing it. To me, this only serves to further destroy what is left of this “beautiful jewel.” You be the judge, but I think the last thing Cozumel needs is a mini Disneyland that expects 1.4 million visitors a year.

Here you go:
Cozumel Government Partners With Elated Worldwide Group in Plans to Develop And Build the First Amusement Park in Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel looks to ensure its place in the tourist trade by partnering with Elated Worldwide Group Corporation of San Diego California on this project. “Mayan Adventures“, will be built on 60 acres in one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico. The conceptual master plan is currently being developed in two phases, with the initial ground breaking in spring of 2009.

The first phase of the project will be a water park attraction, expected to be operational by summer of 2010 and will be the island of Cozumel’s first water park. There are nine various water attractions planned ranging from a children’s pirates play structure and a relaxing man-made beach area, to a thrilling white water rapids inner-tube ride for the true adrenaline fans
With an expected opening of summer 2012, the second phase of “Mayan Adventures” theme park will include one thrill ride, three indoor/outdoor high speed coaster rides, an indoor and an outdoor stage show as well as enriching educational presentations on the Mayan culture. The rides are new and unique, developed specifically for “Mayan Adventures”, incorporating cutting edge technology.

Additionally, Elated Worldwide Group will undoubtedly decrease unemployment and generate increased international corporate sponsorship opportunities for the area. Projected attendance of visitors to the park is 1.4 million annually.

Henny Watts, Owner/CEO ReMax Cozumel, said: “This is a great opportunity for Cozumel. It helps put Cozumel on the map and allows tourist to see how much of a beautiful jewel Cozumel really is“.

DKY Architects of Irvine California and Elated Worldwide Group will also work together to integrate their expertise to create new and exciting concepts in areas, such as introducing branded restaurants, hotels and retail outlets that will holistically offer unique travel and vacation opportunities for tourists, families and visitors from around the world.
Alexander Evans, Executive Consultant of Strategic Development for Elated, said: “We are very excited about concept master plan that will facilitate other works to commence. The project will be one of the key additions to Cozumel tourism.”

8 thoughts on “Can Cozumel Survive More Tourists?”

  1. The rhetoric passes well beyond believable, as you rightly point out.

    Do you think that those quoted actually comprehend the silliness of what they said? Probably not.

    The Maya should be outraged. A man-made beach and roller coaster in no way honor the Maya.

  2. OMG This will “put Cozumel on the map and allows tourist to see how much of a beautiful jewel Cozumel really is“”??? Number one, it’s already on the map. On lots of maps. Millions of tourists’ worth of maps. And how, exactly, is a fake beach and a roller coaster going to show ANYONE the “real Cozumel?” I am esputtering!!!

    “True adrenaline fans” will not benefit from faux white-water rapids. All they need to do is dive the reef, the walls, the wrecks, the… the……. ARGH!!! I am esputtering AGAIN!

  3. Sadly, this seems to be the fate of a number of places on the so-called Riviera Maya. Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum also come to mind. I’m glad I saw them before the elbowing crowds and cheesy theme parks arrived.

  4. Trust me. This will NEVER happen. I don’t think Lisa did her homework here and really should have dug a little deeper. She took quotes from the promo pieces that Elated Worldwide Group released.
    Did she do any fact checking?
    Also, this group was only founded in May 2008.
    Go to their website and a few REAL obvious clues stick out like a sore thumb.

    CLUE #1 – This “multi-million” dollar firm can only afford a basic web template? There are so many errors in grammar, text and font sizes that I can’t imagine who they must have hired to put up this jewel. I am impressed!

    CLUE #2 – Now check out the Bios on their “team of experts”. WOW. Impressive bios that a 12 year old could write.

    CLUE #3 – Would you like to won a piece of this Mayan Amusement Park Dream??

    Well you can! Just visit their Investor Relations page and see their business plan. For $30,000 – $250,000 investment, you can get stock and don’t worry, you’ll get your money back, via their grand plan of advanced ticket sales.

    As a property owner in Cozumel, I am extremely disappointed that you would post this drivel without getting your facts straight. This hare-brained scheme will never get off the ground.

  5. Thank you, Jennifer, for taking the time to write this. Yes, you are correct. I did not do my homework as diligently as I should have and agree with your comments. Unfortunately, so many press releases come across our desks that on occasion we don’t take the time to dig deeper. But,I will be more careful in future and appreciate your input.

  6. I came across a press release of a new Amusement Park for Cozumel, Mexico and a lot of angry comments. I see a lot of people love to talk down to those who try to make a difference and just sit on their behind and do nothing. As I read into the story I thought to myself “what a great Idea“. Then I saw another that talked about Disney not stopping in Cozumel anymore because of the so called swine flu, but really I think it would be because of the new competition that this new park would bring to Disney, Six flags and other attractions across the country. One of my sources told me that Kodak is in negotiation with a company named Elated Worldwide Group for a partnership deal, Elated Worldwide group from my understanding is overseeing this project. I guess Kodak are trying to get in early. I have been to Cozumel and it is a beautiful place to visit, but really what is there to do, I can say I was their but nothing really stood out that would make me want to go back. Then I see about this and makes me want to go see what they will put their. It says they will model it after a Mayan theme, another interesting concept. Mexico is in trouble, and I think they know it. This is what they need. and the project they need to take away the fear of the epidemic of this swine flu. With all the drug drama in Mexico, I wonder if they are having a hard time finding investors? If there is anyone that has more information on this project or company please shoot me a e-mail at d.Harris

  7. [quote]David writes: “I have been to Cozumel and it is a beautiful place to visit, but really what is there to do?” [/quote]
    Sigh…obviously not a diver. 🙂
    The project is no more and their web site is no longer as well.
    Sorry about the harsh words Lisa, but this was a stretch and the company plan was poorly thought out. David, Cozumel does not need an amusement park in order to attract tourism. It is one of the top 10 dive destination in the world. Perhaps you visited from a cruise ship? If so, I can understand your perception on what there’s to do on the island. I invite you to come and stay for a week. There’s much to do both under the water and topside.

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