Cancún Postponed

by Ron Mader

cancún 2.0 09

This week I was scheduled to travel to Cancún for a responsible tourism event. Swine flu has changed everything and I don’t begrudge the organizers for postponing the events.

That said, I empathize with those in Cancún … and everywhere in Mexico who depend on tourism. When a responsible tourism event is postponed, things are bad. This is the city that put Mexico’s tourism on the map and survived Hurricane Wilma to boot.

Yes, I have been talking about an innovative Web 2.0 / print journalism collaborative approach to reporting on Cancún and the Yucatán Peninsula. That said, everything has been on hold. I’d like to move ahead with Cancún 2.0, by spotlighting Web 2.0 channels including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube.

Could we share stories about indigenous tourism, ecotourism and responsible travel options? I’d be delighted and can share the news with colleagues who were going to join me at the events that are now postponed.