Cancun’s International Airport Adds a 2nd Runway

CANCUN, Quintana Roo, Mexico /PRNewswire/ — On October 10th the Cancun Airport will unveil its $67 million dollar investment, a Second-Runway infrastructure project including the construction of an additional runway, entirely new control tower and taxiway bridge. The airport’s capacity will increase to be able to serve some 28 million passengers per year.

The destination experiences a yearly increase in visitors. In 2009, 5 airlines added Cancun to their flight schedules while other airlines, i.e. American and Alaska Airlines, provide exceptionally low fares, creating demand for such an investment to accommodate visitors, especially during season.

Cancun’s International Airport will become Mexico’s first to have the capacity to handle simultaneous takeoffs and landings on two runways. The control tower, more than 315 feet tall, will be among the 20 tallest in the world, allowing improved efficiency in runway-use time assigned to aircrafts, beneficial to both passengers and almost the 150 domestic and international airlines.

  --  It is the best Latin America airport and is among the top five in the
  --  An important motor for regional development; in the last nine years,
      the airport invested more than $361 million dollars.

  --  The airport had 170,600 square feet of terminal-building area; it now
      has 387,140 square feet.

About Cancun:

Cancun, the gateway to Mexico and Mayan world, offers luxurious hotel infrastructure with more than 28,000 rooms, Mexico’s most beautiful and stylish destination. Opportunities for new experiences are everywhere; the setting brings you into contact with both nature and Mayan culture like nowhere else. Top-level gastronomy and nightlife; warm beaches with soft, white sand; crystal-clear, turquoise seas; and a location opposite the Great Mesoamerican Reef System, in tandem with Mexico’s world-famous hospitality, make Cancun an entirely unique tourist destination. Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau: