“Castro’s Daughter”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Daniel Bruhl and Mia Maestro join ‘Castro’s Daughter’

Jordi Molla also in talks to star in the Oscar-driven film

Hollywood, CA January 29, 2010— Daniel Bruhl and Mia Maestro have been set to star in Bobby Moresco’s (‘Crash, Million Dollar Baby’) upcoming film: ‘Castro’s Daughter.’ Moresco will be directing the larger-than-life, true historical drama; and co-wrote the screenplay with Pulitzer Prize winner, Nilo Cruz (‘Anna in the Tropics’). Paz Vega is in talks to star in lead role.

The portrait picture chronicles Fernandez’s life, which parallels a larger story of the revolution, up until her escape—which made worldwide headlines when she fled on an airplane disguised as a Spanish tourist. Fernandez was the product of a love affair Castro had, before the revolution, with Natalia (Naty) Revuelta, who is said to have been a driving force of the revolution that put Castro in power for nearly half a century.

Critically acclaimed, Spanish-born German actor Daniel Bruhl, who recently starred in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Basterds,’ and who has taken numerous awards around the world; and most recently a 2010 SAG award, is also set to star in the powerful supporting role of Eduardo, a childhood friend of Fernandez, who grew through adolescence with her; and later fled to the U.S. Mia Maestro, who is best known for her roles in ‘Secuestro Express’ and ‘Motorcycle Diaries,’ will be co-starring. Jordi Molla, who played in ‘Blow’ with Johnny Depp, is also in talks to star.

Alexis Garcia, an agent at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment’s Global Finance and Distribution unit, nabbed representation rights for financing, packaging and distribution. Garcia is packaging the film with ‘Castro’s Daughter’ producer, John Torres Martinez; together they are packaging the production; Executive Producer Joe Lamy, of the Lamy Group, is also heading structuring on the film’s financing and fundraising; Noel Tristan is also a producer. The film is expected to shoot in Puerto Rico sometime late Spring. Coach 14, a French-based sales company, will be selling the film at the Berlin Film Festival.

Martinez, the official spokesperson for the film, stated: “We’re very excited to have such an amazing, powerful cast coming together, and are honored to have Alexis representing us on this journey to tell this beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime story to the world.“

Bruhl is represented by WME. Katrina Bayonas represents Molla and Bruhl in Spain through Kuranda Management. Maestro is repped by ICM.

About Artists Relations Group:

Artists Relations Group (ARG) is an entity formed by John Torres Martinez, and Noel Tristan, specifically for the development and production of Castro’s Daughter.  Martinez, the film’s lead producer, picked up the exclusive rights to Fernandez’s story; Tristan and Lamy put the development financing together. Martinez is producing, steering talent and production packaging, managing story rights, agency relations as well as heading PR for the film; with Tristan producing, managing development financing and administration.

About William Morris-Endeavor Entertainment:

William Morris-Endeavor Entertainment (WME) is considered one of the most influential agencies in the world, with offices in: Beverly Hills, New York City, Atlanta, Nashville, London, Miami and Shanghai. With an estimated 4000+ clients, the agency represents actors, producers, and directors in every aspect of the entertainment industry. The company is a result of a recent merger between William Morris Agency, which was founded in 1898, and Endeavor agency.  A few notable names on the agency’s roster include: Robert Deniro, Mel Gibson, Matt Damon and Martin Scorcese. The company is headed by Ari Emmanuel; who is considered to be one of the most influential agents in the business.