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AT&T Cutting Wireless Rates To Mexico

MP News Staff

AT&T (NYSE: T), already the country’s largest wireless company, has begun charging wireless customers in the United States 5 cents a minute when calling landlines in Mexico. Wireless to wireless calls to and from Mexico cost 21 cents a minute.

The new rate is part of the new AT&T World Connect Mexico calling plan. The company is targeting the high-growth U.S. Hispanic market, who spend more on their monthly wireless and long-distance services than the national average. A big part of that are international calls to Mexico.

AT&T is offering the 5 cents a minute rate to customers who sign up for AT&T World Connect Mexico from Oct. 15 to Jan. 15, 2008. Those who sign up at this time will get this rate locked in.

The company developed this plan as an alternative to international calling cards.

Carlton Hill, vice president of voice products and devices for AT&T’s wireless unit, says Mexico is the No. 1 international calling destination for wireless customers and this rate will allow them to call business associates and family in Mexico more often.

Ochoa, LPGA Player Of The Year

By David Simmonds

Mexico has  huge sport’s hero, and it’s not a dude with hairy legs who kicks a ball. No, Lorena Ochoa is an attractive 25-year-old from Guadalajara who plays golf like a Tiger…without the scowl and the f-bombs.

Winning her seventh tournament of the year, Ochoa shot a final round 6-under par 66 to claim victory in the Samsung World Championship in Palm Desert, CA, thereby securing claim as the world’s best female player.

Lorena has been dominant this year with six victories, three seconds, and two thirds in the last 13 tournaments played. Being long off the tee, coupled with a deadly short game, has essentially separated her from the talented women’s field. At the age of 25, with a focused desire to constantly improve, Mexico should have many more years to support and admire this amazing athlete.

Mexico has developed a number of world-class golf courses over the past twenty years, but the cost to play is prohibitive for the vast majority of its residents, catering primarily to tourists who can afford the $100 – $250 green fees. Perhaps Lorena’s success will serve as a catalyst to the creation of more public links priced more affordably for the working class. That would be a legacy that would far outlive all of the awards and trophies that she is sure to amass.

Mexicana Bid Rejected, Public Wins

By David Simmonds

Air flights within Mexico have become much cheaper the past few years as start-up airlines have increased competition to the long-time carrier giants, Mexicana and AeroMexico. Utilizing the power of online booking and well-designed web sites, newer airlines such as Alma, Aviacsa, Avolar and Volaris have opened up new routes at competitive prices, fueling the decline in revenues for the Big Two.

Mexicana had recently made a bid to buy AeroMexico, which would have given them control of over 50% of the domestic market. Wisely, the anti-monopoly regulators in Mexico have ruled against the sale, citing too much “market control” as the reason for the correct decision.

Prior to competition being allowed in the domestic market, the price to fly from city-to-city was insane, with fares much greater mile-to-mile than in the U.S. I recently flew on Avolar round-trip from Tijuana to Tepic, about 2,000 miles total, for less than $175.00. So, props to the Mexican regulators for watching out for the public and not succumbing to the “elite-connected” network pressures that so often dictate the agenda.

Taco Hell?

By: Lisa Coleman

As the defender of Mexico’s culture and cuisine, the news was shocking. It’s not bad enough that we have to endure an over abundance of fast food  in the good ol’ USA, but now (for reasons I will never understand) Taco Bell is opening in Mexico. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, back in 1992, Taco Bell attempted to cross back over the border into Mexico City. And, after giving it a whirl next door to KFC, they packed up their bland, greasy meat, hard shell tacos and headed home.

I’m not Mexican, but I can assure you the taco is sacred. Come on now, from a food perspective, this is a Mexican icon. A real Mexican taco is something to behold. It’s kind of impossible to get a bad one… unless of course you’re in a strip mall at a Taco Bell. The idea for the “Mexican” Taco Bell is to project a “more American fast-food image.” Why, I don’t know, but maybe there is a marketing guy at Yum Brands, Inc. corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky that knows something the Mexican’s don’t. By the way, Yum Brands, Inc. is also the proud owner of the culinary gems KFC and Pizza Hut.

To make it even more alluring… they have added French fries to the menu at Mexican locations. Not just plain oil-drenched fries, but some with a special south-of-the-border twist. In an attempt to further devastate the Mexican palate, the fries will be topped with a choice of cheese, tomatoes, cream or ground meat. Yum. Yum. Need I go on?

Will it work? My guess is no. I have faith in the taste buds of the Mexican people. I think they will honor their taco. If you want to enjoy the rather disturbing details of the Taco Bell invasion, please read


Beautiful AcapulcoAcapulco, Mexico (September 5, 2007) – The Acapulco Convention and Visitors Bureau announced today that the tourism infrastructure of the destination, its airport and all hotels have resumed normal operations after Tropical Storm Henriette passed over the Pacific coast of the state of Guerrero this past weekend.

Officials at Acapulco’s Alvarez International Airport report that the airport did not incur any damage and is fully operational with all airlines running on their normal flight schedules.

Roads throughout Acapulco are in good condition. Electric and telephone services additionally remained operational without major interruption throughout the storm.

“Our hotels were well prepared to keep guests safe and comfortable,” says Jesus Radilla, Director of the Acapulco Convention and Visitors Bureau. “The tourism zone is in great condition and ready to receive visitors. In Acapulco, it’s business as usual under sunny skies.”

A magical combination of incredible beauty and hypnotic charm, Acapulco is Mexico’s largest and most dazzling seaside resort attracting over 5 million visitors annually. Acapulco is exotic yet easily accessible via direct or convenient connections via all major airline carriers from gateway cities across the U.S. For more information about Acapulco, visit

Hurricane Aimed at Baja

MP New Staff

After battering the coastal area of Chiapas, killing seven people, tropical storm Henriette hammered Guerrero and the tourist town, Acapulco. It is now tracking some 150 miles southeast of the southern tip of Baja California and has been designated as a Category 1 hurricane, packing winds in the 80 mph range and gaining strength. It is expected to hit land later today or tonight. For more information and a history of Baja storms try this site: