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Mexico Ranks #1 in Retirement Index

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MP News Staff Every year International Living magazine ranks the the top retirement havens in the world. This year Mexico comes in at #1, up from #4 a year ago. Each country is evaluated and given a score in eight categories: Real Estate, Special Benefits, Cost of Living, Culture, Health, Infrastructure, Safety/Stability, and Climate. As […]

Rock On Juany Appleseed… Mexico Goes Green

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By: Lisa Coleman  Juany Appleseed…. has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? In the last several years, Mexico has spent a tremendous amount of time and money on promoting ecotourism. The government and tourism programs have made a significant effort to educate nationals and foreigners about the country’s natural resources. Nonetheless, Mexico City has […]

Paying With Pesos

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By David Simmonds  There are several good reasons to carry and use Mexican pesos when you travel, not the least being that you won’t appear to be a rookie doofus, despite your bubble-gum shade sunburn. If you insist on paying with U.S. currency, and the merchant agrees to let you, you’ll pay more for the privilege. Most […]

Bus Crashes Near Vallarta

Posted 17 September 2007 | By | Categories: Travel | 1 Comment

By David Simmonds The tendency for many people when hearing about the recent bus crash near Puerto Vallarta is to vow to stay off of the Mexico buses, or the roads altogether for that matter. But that would be a mistake. I don’t know the exact number, but Mexico has thousands of bus routes in the […]

Mexico…. A Sublime Feast

Posted 13 September 2007 | By | Categories: Arts and Culture, Travel | 2 Comments

By: Lisa Coleman With my recent post about the food festival coming to Puerto Vallarta, I thought it might be of interest to some of you to explore more of Mexico’s cuisine. The following article was published in December of 1999 in Food & Wine Magazine. I won the Pluma de Plata Award (The Silver Pen award […]

Foodies Head to Vallarta

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By: Lisa Coleman Foodies Head to Vallarta One of the most charming things about Puerto Vallarta is its ability to be all things to all travelers. I have always felt it was one of the few places in Mexico that could successfully balance culture and tradition with modern infrastructure. For the past thirteen years, the […]

Lovebirds Flock to Villa Premiere’s Honeymoon Package

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MP Staff Villa Premiere Hotel & Spa, a lovely 83-room beachfront resort literally a few short blocks from the heart of Puerto Vallarta, welcomes honeymooners with its Premiere Honeymoon Package. Priced at $380 per couple, per night during low season, it includes : Accommodations in a Premiere Room, with ocean view and indoor Jacuzzi One […]