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The Morphing of Oaxaca: Connecting Art, Craft and Markets

by Ron Mader
Tin Cans, 2008
Oaxaca City – One of Mexico’s most prestigious and innovative galleries, Blackbox, is re-writing its manifesto via the Morph exhibit. The idea came about as a way to expand the collaborative creation of objects with Oaxaca City’s creative community.

The focal point of the exhibit is the famous Central de Abastos Market. Blackbox founder Gustavo Fricke says that the Central is a microcosm where economic, political, legal and moral systems interact and the objective of the exhibit is to analyze this exchange from various points of view. More than 25 artists collaborated via photography, video, painting, printing, objects and design.


Oaxaca has one of the highest emigration rates of all Mexican States. In response to this, Blackbox seeks to create a solid, high quality and creative handicraft industry that includes several communities in the creation of new products. This industry provides jobs in rural Oaxaca and therefore respects an ancestral way of life that was inherited through the generations. Every product is unique, breaks with the established and experiments with this form of creation. This is our revolution, our way to seek change with mud or paper pulp on our hands, sawdust covering our faces and weaving a dream thread by thread, a dream of autonomy, opportunity and freedom that is full of expression. – Gustavo Fricke

FOR MORE INFORMATION – Visit Blackbox in Oaxaca City at 5 de mayo #412, . The gallery is open from 10am-8pm.

No Joke, Oaxaca Flickrmeet

by Ron Mader

oaxaca trees (árboles de oaxaca)

Want to learn about community-based tourism in the woods?
Want to learn how to improve your photography?
Want to learn how to use Flickr as a way of uploading photos?
Want to identify trees in Oaxaca?

If so, please join us in person or online via the Oaxaca Flickrmeet

WHAT’S A FLICKRMEET? Glad you asked! This is a gathering of photographers who
use Flickr. Our event will focus on Oaxaca trees. Other events are different.


Tuesday, April 1 — Find the ahuehuete tree at old train station featured in the
Curtiduria map by Francisco Verástegui. (Map available at Amate Books, Macedonio
Alcalá #307). Meeting point: old train station, 11am.

Wednesday, April 2 – Ahuehuete tree count continues in Santa Maria del Tule
(includes visits to Ayuuk and Caldo de Piedra). Meeting point: Ayuuk, 11am.

Thursday, April 3 – Photo Safari in the Llano Park. Competition includes finding
trees native to Australia and the trees planted by Morelos y Pavon. Meeting
point: monument to Benito Juarez, 4pm

Friday, April 4 – Look for Tito and Lucia. Tito makes the pine needle baskets at
the Pochote Market and Lucia makes the delicious chocolates across the street at
the Antiguo Seminario. The crafts and food are made from trees and the markets
both feature notable trees featured in the Curtiduria map. Meeting point:
Pochote Market/Multio Bio Market, 11am.

Saturday, April 5 – Slideshow of Oaxaca tree photos and a give-away of books
(made mostly from dead trees). Meeting point: Comala, Allende #109, 6pm

VIVA MICROPHILANTRHOPY – Do you have deep pockets and long arms? We are seeking modest financial donations to help with incidental expenses of the Oaxaca Flickrmeet. Donors are recognized and if we raise enough $ this week, we’ll make a series of tree postcards and a DVD in time for the Guelaguetza. Questions? Just ask.


Hey there Buzz Directors! We have free Flickrmeet artwork available online

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OAXACA? – Check out the award-winning Planeta Guide to Oaxaca.

BIG PICTURE – You can’t see the forest without seeing the trees. April is Forest

Buying Crafts at Oaxaca City’s 2008 Easter Market

El Arte Con unidad de Los Indigenas Oaxaqueños

by Ron Mader

Oaxaca is synonymous with Mexican folk art. Arte popular has no finer home than Oaxaca City which hosts a spectacular collection of temporary markets during this year’s Holy Week, signaling a strong return of tourism in 2008.

This year’s Easter market focuses on indigenous artisans takes place at the Plazuela de Carmen Alto on the south side of the Carmen Alto Church. Crafts from various parts of Oaxaca are for sale. Artisans are participating from Santa Maria Huazolotitlán, San Pedro Amuzgos, San Sebastian Rio Hondo Miahuatlan, Teotitlán del Valle and Oaxaca City. has covered the Easter Markets in 2007 and 2006. This documentation followed the guidelines outlined in the Oaxaca Market Project — take only photos with permission and give print copies to the subjects. This year the documentation expands to video.

Culinary Secrets from Oaxaca’s Kitchens

by Ron Mader

This week the Oaxaca Bed and Breakfast Association hosts an innovative
tour focusing on the Culinary Secrets from Oaxaca’s Kitchens. Renowned
chefs including Susana Trilling, Oscar Carrizosa, Nora Valencia and
Pilar Cabrera offer cooking classes, tours to village markets and
top-notch entertainment which makes Oaxaca world famous.

Featured restaurants include La Olla, Casa Crespo’s Teatro Culinario,
Camino Real and Azucena Zapoteca. The tour also includes a visit to
the Seasons of my Heart offers cooking classes in San Lorenzo
Cacaotepec, Etla.


Saturday, March 1 – City tour
Sunday, March 2 – Mitla, Tlacolula and Teotitlan tour
Monday, March 3 – Maiz Cooking class with Susana Trilling
Tuesday, March 4 – Indigenous cooking class with Oscar Carrizosa
Wednesday, March 5 – Monte Albán tour and Flowers and herbs cooking
class with Nora Valencia
Thursday, March 6 – Chiles cooking class with Pilar Cabrera, chocolate
Friday, March 7 – Ocotlan tour, Guelaguetza performance


Oaxaca Bed and Breakfast Association
Reforma # 402, Colonia Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca
Phone: (52-951) 516 1165

culinary secrets from oaxaca's kitchens

Follow the Trees to Oaxaca’s 2008 Flickrmeet

by Ron Mader

Oaxaca flickrmeet

Oaxaca City, Mexico – Oaxacans and visitors are invited to share photos of trees in Oaxaca the first week of April 2008. The innovative Flickrmeet takes place April 1-5 in Oaxaca City and nearby villages in the Central Valleys and Sierra Juárez.


Flickrmeets provide an opportunity for members of Flickr to get together. Activities are arranged on the spot. For details, consult the poster and keep an eye on the Oaxaca Wikispace.

Oaxaca’s Flickrmeet is a spin-off of the 2008 Rural Tourism Fair that took place in January. The fair was documented in a number of videos on YouTube, the most popular of which showed travelers looking for ahuehuetes in the town of Santa Maria del Tule. The Tule video has been viewed more than 2,000 times.


Photos are welcome in the following groups:

Arboles de Oaxaca (Oaxaca Trees)

Forum on Latin American Forests

World Trees

2008 Rural Tourism Fair Includes Oaxaca Options Information Exchange

by Ron Mader

OAXACA CITY — Amigos del Sol Language School and host the Oaxaca Options Information Exchange Saturday January 26 from 10am-noon.

The exchange is a feature of the annual Rural Tourism Fair. Access is free. Locals and travelers have access to current brochures and flyers documenting rural travel and tourism services.

The meeting point (punto de encuentro) is Instituto Amigos del Sol, Pino Suárez #802. The info exchang takes place Saturday January 26 from 10am-noon. (poster)

Launched in 2001, the Oaxaca Options series encourages colleagues to share lessons learned in developing tourism that supports natural and cultural diversity. The biggest event of the year is the Rural Tourism Fair.

2008 marks a profound change in the format of the fair. In previous years, exhibitors would provide samples and photos of their products and services in a large patio. This year, the fair has less space, so to make the most of the event, a change was made.

“If we did not have the physical space to conduct the fair as a marketplace or tianguis of ideas, then we decided to expand the event in terms of time,” said co-host Ron Mader of the website. “Focusing on rural tourism, it only made sense to include events in nearby villages. One of the highlights of the fair is the information exchange showing locals and travelers alike their options for responsible travel in Oaxaca using Amigos del Sol as a hub.”

“Amigos del Sol is pleased to host the event,” said Rogelio Ballesteros, director of Instituto Amigos del Sol. “We had to move to a new location, but our commitment to Oaxaca and to visitors remains the same.”

The 2008 Rural Tourism Fair includes a celebration of Aboriginal tourism from Australia and rural tourism and ecotourism in New Zealand. Highlights include a trade show organized by Aboriginal Tourism Australia and Manaki Whenua, Manaki Tangata, Haere whakamua, photos from the West Coast of New Zealand by photographer Tom Walter.

8th annual rural tourism fair videos show Oaxaca’s best

Oaxaca, Mexico – Presenting the first two videos from the 2008 Rural Tourism Fair prepared by Erick Igari. The first video documents the web training workshops conducted in Oaxaca City.

The second video documents the walk around Santa Maria del Tule with visits
to the indigenous Mixe craft store Ayuuk and the Chinanteco restaurant Caldo
de Piedra.

Also – Ahuehuetes of Santa Maria del Tule, a walk around town in search of
the famous Tule Tree’s extended family.

Today – Walk with the Weavers in Teotitlan del Valle! Our motto: think smart, travel slow.

More videos later this week. The Oaxaca Options Information Exchange takes place Saturday morning at Amigos del Sol. Full details and an updated agenda online