Checking In With A New Expat

David Simmonds

I want to introduce you to Stacy Taylor, a friend of mine. Stacy has spent most of his adult life in radio as a talk-show host. He’s one of the best in the business, having had good runs in San Diego, Chicago, and most recently San Francisco. Stacy couldn’t do the right-wing scream that dominates the airwaves. He’s way too smart and independent for that, so he’s in Mexico, a place he has always like. In fact, that is how we got to know each other about 17 years ago when I was publishing the Mexico File and he had a top-rated show in San Diego. He graciously had me on his show a few times.

Well, the radio biz has changed in recent years and Stacy is now living in Rosarito Beach in Baja, just about 30 miles south of the border on the West Coast.  I wanted you to read some of his thoughts that he posts on his blog. I have the feeling that Stacy will be migrating from radio to writing, and if you read this piece you’ll see why.

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