Chicago: 23 Mexican Restaurants To Be Awarded

The Second Authentic Mexican Restaurant Award Ceremony Will be Held In Chicago, On November 27, At The Historic Building In Downtown Of “The Windy City”: The Murphy

In order to promote Mexican food production and thereby increase Mexican exports, create jobs and improve quality of life of Mexicans, the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) in conjunction with Authentic Flavors of Mexico AC, will promote the culinary traditions of Mexico, as well as the consumption of fresh and semi-processed products of this country. On this occasion they will feature the gastronomy and products of the state of Jalisco, a region well known for tequila and mariachis. This to keep the title given by UNESCO to the Mexican cuisine:  “Cultural Heritage and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.”

Authentic Flavors of Mexico, together with the General Consulate of Mexico in Chicago and the Mexican-US Chamber of Commerce Midwest Chapter, will conduct the second ceremony “Authentic Mexican Restaurant”, to award Mexican restaurants in the Chicago area.

The restaurants awarded were chosen by Authentic Flavors of Mexico AC, based on a menu they provided and their contribution in spreading the Mexican cuisine along with its traditions, gastronomy and support to Mexican fields through consumption of Mexican products.

The 23 restaurants awarded : Adobo Grill, Big Star, Birrieria Zaragoza, Cafe Bombon, Chilapan, Cine, Dorado, El Jardin, La Casa de Samuel, La Lagartija Taqueria, Los Nopales, Mago, Mexique, Mezcalina, Mixteco Grill, Mundial Cocina Mestiza, New Rebozo, Nuevo Leon, Salpicon, San Gabriel Mexican Cafe, Taco Joint Urban, Taqueria & Cantina and Zapatista.

Additionally, two special awards will be delivered to chef and master Dudley Nieto, for his contributions made throughout this year to the gastronomic Mexican community, through several Mexican restaurants, of which the latest is Mezcalina. Kendall College will also be awarded for the “outstanding” program Nieto has within his tourism school of Mexican cuisine and the program he has handled since 3 years ago, together with the Tourism Board of Mexico, through which he invited the best chefs from Mexico to provide two weeks of lectures in his school.

After the ceremony, dinner will be offered to the guests. Dishes served will focus on the gastronomy of the state of Jalisco and its products, because this state is more than a Tequila producer. It is also a major producer of pomegranate, dried fruits, chia seeds, avocado, coffee, agave syrup, dried chiles, typically Yahualica, and it is the only state in Mexico that has an ostrich meat plant, TIF certified, and recently it has also been certified to export pork to Japan.

Preparation of the dinner will be coordinated by culinary curator of Authentic Flavors of Mexico in Chicago, Chef Dudley Nieto, from Mezcalina restaurant. Also dishes will be prepared by the following chefs/restaurants: Cesar Reyes – Zapatista, Manuel Banuelos – Mezcalina, Priscilla Satkoff – Salpicon, Yanni Sanchez – Cine, and guest Chef Leopoldo Cortes, Jalisco state representative for Blanca Blue Restaurant. The mixologist Martin Cabrera, will combine ingredients produced in the region of Jalisco.

The ceremony will be presided over by General Consul of Mexico in Chicago, Eduardo Arnal Palomera, and representatives of ProMexico in Chicago, Jaltrade, the Mexican Promotional Tourism Council and Authentic Flavors of Mexico Foundation.