Cool Site For Pre-Columbian Clipart

David Simmonds

i published a Mexico travel print newsletter for about 12 years called The Mexico File…The Newsletter for Mexicophiles (get it?) . It had a very good run, but the internet eventually made it hard to interest people in paying for information that they could otherwise get for free, so I shut it down last year. But the web site does have a couple hundred articles archived, and many of them are pretty good.

Dr. Tim McGuinness contacted me recently asking for permission tp reprint one of the articles on a new web site, IncidentsOftravel, he is developing about John Lloyd Stephens, the great Mexico traveler and explorer It was very nice of him to ask instead of just posting it like so many other unconscionable thieves would have done.

Dr, McGuinness also has this web site that offers a great display of PreColumbian clipart that you can download for FREE for personal or student use. The many images offered are outstanding and can be used in a number of ways. Check it out.