Cuernavaca, Morelos

Population: 333,000

Time Zone: Central Standard Time

Airport: 60 miles to Mexico City International Airport (MEX)

Elevation: 4,900 feet

Cuernavaca (known world-wide as City of Eternal Spring), with nearly perfect weather, has long been a favorite choice of the domestic and international wealthy who are looking for a Mexico retreat. The narrow, winding roads in the city are home to many colonial-era mansions, now housing museums, restaurants, and present-day homes. Flowering gardens fill the sunny city, as well as spas, golf courses, tennis camps and beautiful hotels in all categories.

Many travel to the Cuernavaca for the many Spanish language schools, which also specialize in Mexico culture and arts. The old architecture and nearby pre-Columbian sites provide a perfect environment for learning and discovery. For the more active visitor, the surrounding area offers opportunities for horseback riding, mountain-climbing, water-skiing, fishing, hiking, fresh-water swimming and hunting.

In contrast to its rich colonial past, today’s city is also home to many modern industries, research facilities and industrial parks. The result is a much busier city than 20 years ago with resulting noise, traffic, and other big-city features. However, the city-center still remains one of Mexico’s finest examples of a rich culture and history.