Culture Lives In Mexico

By Rodrigo Antonio Trevino Lozano, a Mexico Premiere reader from Mexico.

Last Sunday My wife and I went to Guanajuato with two friends from the United States who have chosen to move to Mexico. We attended an incredible concert at la Valenciana Church (La Petite Bande from Belgium performing Monteverdi’s Vespers of the Virgin). It was an amazing experience. Our American friends were surprised that cultural events of this quality were available in Mexico at such reasonable prices.

Mexico has great symphony orchestras, several opera companies and many chamber groups. Mexico has also become a venue for many top-of-the-line artists to perform. This month we have the Baroque Orchestra of Freiburg, Jordi Saval, etc. Next month we have Bob van Asperen, performing in Mexico City and Queretaro, as part of the city’s early music festival. There is also a free Festival of French harpsichord players performing at the National Palace.

Queretaro is the home of the only luthier school in the Americas!

September through December we have the International Forum of Cultures in Monterrey, with more than 400 concerts and theater and dance presentations in only 80 days.

Unfortunately, few foreigners are aware of the high level cultural activities available in Mexico. To put things in perspective, the Mexican Government spends, per capita, four times more for culture than the US Government.