Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

by Ron Mader

Good news, everyone! My next big talk is being conducted for the Viva Travel Guides Boot Camp in Oaxaca, Mexico. I am giving a travel writing pep talk and looking forward to the exchange of ideas. Viva Travel Guides is one of the coolest Web2 sites that has figured out how to take the input from its contributors and create some of the most timely and insightful publications. Their Ecuador book is one of my faves and it will be interesting to see how they expand in their coverage of Mexico.

Typically I prefer the ‘on your own’ approach to travel writing to organized press trips. Most press trips are arranged in a hurry and for the herd mentality — covering far too much in a limited time. Add to this the factor that the organizers are often not well informed about the place in question and you have the recipe of misspent money and time. Now if we only had bootcamps for tourism officials and PR agencies!

Skyping with Viva Travel’s Paula Newton today, I told her she was visiting a magical place at a magical time. For anyone who can visit Oaxaca during Day of the Dead, it is a rich experience. Personally I am looking forward to touring Zaachila on Thursday’s Dia de Plaza to see the stacks of special breads made for the altars. On Saturday there is the inauguration of an altar at Alcala #902-Bis by local artist Spider. Throughout the week there are events and tours hosted by the Oaxaca Bed & Breakfast Association. Complete details are on the Oaxaca Wikispace.

Day of the Dead Altar, Oaxaca