Death of Ron Butler

By John Mitchell

Anyone interested in Mexico has probably run across a travel article by Ron Butler at one time or another. He wrote extensively and passionately about his wanderings south of the U.S. border, and his articles were published in numerous newspapers and magazines. Ron is perhaps best known to Mexicophiles for his book Dancing Alone in Mexico: From the Border to Baja and Beyond, which chronicles his solo journeys in Mexico after his wife left him with their two children. Ron also won the prestigious Pluma de Plata award for his outstanding travel writing.

Ron Butler died, reportedly of a heart attack, earlier this week at his home in Tucson, Arizona. He was 77 years old.

3 thoughts on “Death of Ron Butler”

  1. Just reading his book – Dancing Alone – and decided to google him. I have been to and experienced many of his Mexican treasures and wanted to know him better. Wish him and his two children the very best.

  2. I happened to find a letter today in some old papers that Ron had written to my Grandmother Marion DeGrazia and thought I would look him up, so I just found out today of Ron’s death. Marion and Ron along with Ted DeGrazia had a long history that went back many years. He was such a good friend to them.
    In Ron’s letter he was talking about a mutual friend named Alvin Gordon from Alamos Mexico and that he had just returned from Veracruz and Mexico City.
    What an interesting writer and kind man he was. He will be missed.
    Linda Childers
    Park City, Utah

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