Destination:PEACE and PEACE Isla Mujeres join together to create an incredible Volunteer Vacation

Destination:PEACE Volunteer Vacations is branching out to Isla Mujeres to  provide a beautiful experience for travelers who want to take their vacation one step further with a Vacation for the Soul

Destination:PEACE is making its way from the Pacific Ocean to the turquoise Caribbean waters and landing on Isla Mujeres, a quaint tropical island located just eight miles east of the coast of Cancun, yet worlds away.  Destination:PEACE was born out of an idea to couple volunteer opportunities with the amazing landscapes throughout Mexico. During a Destination:PEACE Volunteer Vacation, guests will experience another culture while making a difference in the lives of others: children, women, families, animals and the environment. A volunteer will help raise awareness and contribute to the overall love, community and hope to the people and animals affiliated with PEACE Mexico, a non-profit organization currently operating in Punta de Mita and Isla Mujeres. Destination:PEACE gives a portion of their proceeds to PEACE in order to further their mission.

Founded in 2008, PEACE Isla Mujeres provides support to established nonprofit/community groups and develops initiatives focused on educational opportunities, youth development, environmental responsibility, animal care and protection and economic empowerment.  Community grants, volunteerism, educational initiatives, and animal spay/neuter clinics are among the various projects.

Some history on the Island: The Island was used by the Mayan people as a sanctuary dedicated to Ixchel, the Goddess of love and fertility. According to the legend, when the Spanish arrived they found a large number of women statues carved in stone in honor of the Goddess, and it is from here that the island received the name “Isla Mujeres”- the Island of Woman. Today Isla is a tropical oasis for many, with a diverse mix of fishing and tourism set in a laid back Caribbean feel.  Despite the increase in tourism, Isla Mujeres still maintains it’s quaint and wondrous charm. Truly a paradise in the sun.
“Spreading across the country to share a volunteer experience and engage with another community is one of our visions. We are ecstatic to join the community on Isla Mujeres, an Island of true beauty, culture and tranquility,” says Katherine Fisher, Co-Founder of Destination:PEACE.

“Through volunteering in the community people get to see another side of Isla, one with many needs, but one of beauty and hope and an incredible sense of community and relationships that transcends culture, and goes to the heart of people.” Anna Douglas, Director of PEACE Isla Mujeres

It’s not all work. The five-day vacation combines volunteerism with the relaxing practice of yoga, spoils you with Mexican cuisine and enables you to explore the natural wonders of the Island. Whether it’s relaxing on a powder white beach, snorkeling in the crystal blue waters, visiting the local turtle sanctuary or just lounging in a hammock under your new favorite palapa, Isla is a wonderful place to sit back and relax.

 “There is a beautiful balance between the volunteer opportunities and the time to reflect and relax here in Mexico. We want you to enjoy yourself so much that you come back year after year,” says Katherine.

The date of the Isla Mujeres PEACE Vacation is August 28th – September 2nd.  The remainder of the 2010 Destination:PEACE calendar is as follows:

April 24 -29  Punta de Mita 
May 22 – 27  Punta de Mita
June 19 – 24  Punta de Mita
July 24 – 29  Punta de Mita
August 28 – Sept 2  ISLA MUJERES 
September 18 – 23  Punta de Mita
October 23 – 28  Punta de Mita
November 13 – 18  Punta de Mita
December 11 – 16  Punta de Mita

 The vacations range in cost from $999 to $1399.  The cost includes all activities, yoga, food and transportation on the Island. It does not include airfare or transportation to / from the airport. They also offer private, customized vacations.

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