Diamantes and Guns

By MP Mexico News

Headlining on CNN: Police detain Mexican beauty queen, seize weapons

“23-year-old Mexican beauty queen Laura Zúñiga Huizar and seven men were taken into custody late Monday after being found in vehicles containing weapons and cash in central Mexico, police said Tuesday. According to the Nuestra Belleza Mexico Web site, she is expected to represent Mexico in next year’s Miss International contest.”

We’re thinking Miss Orange Jumpsuit might be more appropriate.

While we’re saddened to have to report on news such as this, we’re also disgusted that someone with such a seemingly bright future, someone who the girls of her native Sinaloa could have looked up to, is now forever linked with that state’s notorious drug trade.

According to the CNN news report, “One of the men in the vehicles was 29-year-old Angel Orlando Garcia Urquiza, who is Zuñiga’s boyfriend and the brother of ‘one of the greatest capos of narcotraffic’. Seriously. How could she not have known. WHAT was she thinking?

We are simultaneously flummoxed and perplexed.