Did You Miss the Day of the Dead Celebrations?

By Lola

For those of you who were busy trick or treating in the States, here’s a window into what went on in Mexico during the two days of the Day of the Dead celebration. Our good friend and colleague, Mary Andrade, winner of the prestigious Lente de Plata(Silver Lens) awarded by Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, has been chronicling this event for years.

Please visit her website at www.dayofthedead.com to immerse yourself in this colorful world. Start making plans now so you can commune with the dearly departed the Mexican way—there are less cavities involved and we promise no trips to the costume aisle in Walmart.

One thought on “Did You Miss the Day of the Dead Celebrations?”

  1. For those who wish to experience Day of the Dead, also known as “Noche de Muertos”, Tia Stephanie Tours offers an annual, off the tourist path, opportunity to experience this most significant observance in Mexico. In the state of Michoacan, we visit Colonial Morelia, the high Purepecha Plateau and the lakeshore communities of Patzcuaro. We see the unfolding of preparations, as well as experience the evening vigil in small communities. Maria Andrade has accompanied some of our journeys and her books offer a wonderful insight into the meaning of Day of the Dead in Mexico.

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