Discovery en Español Presents ‘Silencio en Juarez’

A Stunning Visual Expose that Sheds Light on the Vile Murders and Disappearances of Thousands of Innocent Women in Ciudad Juárez

MIAMI — “Silencio en Juárez” a spellbinding original production by Discovery en Español, premiering on Sunday, October 26 at 10:00 PM E/P, will take viewers deep into Ciudad Juárez bringing them face to face with victims’ families, survivors, and the women, who day to day continue to fear for their lives.

This one hour special takes an objective, thorough, yet sometimes chilling look at the epidemic of femecides that have plagued this bordertown metropolis for over a decade. The narrative of this town’s harrowing tale comes to life as never before, as riveting visuals, revealing and often times moving testimonials come together to offer viewers a better understanding of the ongoing terror.

Since 1993, over 400 women have been tortured and raped and over 1,000 more have gone missing in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. The thousands of victims who have fallen prey share several important characteristics, all are young and of meager means, students and/or factory workers. Of those who were found dead, most were likely brutally tortured and raped before they were strangled or stabbed to death. “Silencio en Juárez” not only gives a voice to these victims, it also seeks to examine the different theories and hypotheses behind these unresolved femecides.

Some attribute the terror to a wave of violence associated with the drug trafficking cartel, others look to domestic violence and blame the machismo inherent in the local culture, yet others think it is simply the work of one or more madman or serial killers on the loose.

What is made certain by this documentary is that the victims of this tragedy are much more than the women who are dead or have gone missing. They include the mothers and daughters clamoring for justice, the young women living in fear knowing they could be next, and the voices of the brave survivors who barely escaped to tell their tale.

Some of the featured testimonials included in this eye-opening documentary:

— “I arrive home at about one in the morning. The trek home terrifies me. I have nothing to defend myself with, I can only run and scream for help….there is no police, no one to protect us, we are forgotten here.” Irma Liabeth Vasquez, Local Factory Worker

— “There was my daughter. Her skin hanging from her bones, here face bare, only a skeleton. They showed me her clothes, and I had to identify her simply by her clothes, her shoes, her hair…my only respite now is at night, when I sleep, because during the day I am always thinking of my daughter.” Ramona Morales Huerta, Victim’s Mother

— “(pointing) That’s where the three of them hit me and raped me. Finally when they were done with all that they wanted to do to me … they asked me what I wanted before I died…I said I wanted to go to the bathroom…and that is from where I managed to escape.” Roxana Ruiz Mendez, Survivor

— “Why were they such despots…to take my mother away from me? Why did they take that right away from me? It doesn’t matter whether she is dead or alive…I just want to know where she is!” Laura Alejandra Guardion, Victim’s Daughter

Beyond that of those touched by the unthinkable violence, the documentary also encompasses important testimonials and interviews with key experts and officials including: Oscar Maynez Grijalda, Forensic Psychologist and expert on the case, who points the finger at law enforcement; Diana Washington Valdes a journalist for El Paso Times, who has written expose after expose on the issue; Veronica Rosario Leyva, a member of Red Solidaria Mexico; Liliana Velazquez Ramirez, a spokeswoman for Amnesty International in Mexico, who posits that not enough has been done to resolve these crimes; as well as the declarations by Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez, Attorney General from Chihuahua, who sustains that since 2004 many of the cases have been resolved.

“Silencio en Juárez” is an original production carried out for Discovery en Español by Eyeworks/Cuatro Cabezas, under the supervision of Sol Colom, Executive Producer, and Michela Giorelli, Director of Production and Development, for Discovery en Español.

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