Doc Anes Comments About The Sharks

  by David Simmonds
I have known Paul “Doc” Anes for aout 30 years. We used to wait tables together after college in San Diego, trying to figure out what we would do with our degrees. Doc has been involved in the ocean ever since, as a boat builder, scuba instructor, and for the past 15 years as the owner of San Diego Shark Divers Check out Doc’s blog on the site for the best information on sharks.
Anyway, after the latest shark attack in Mexico and the governement’s effort to address it, I asked Doc for his thoughts. Here is his response:

I am actually surprised at the speed with which the Mexican govt. has responded to the attacks. It sounds like a good start. Monitoring the swimming and surfing areas is probably a prudent idea in the near term. Tiger Sharks often patrol a certain area for a period of time then leave if their food source dwindles. I suspect that the sharks were foraging in the area where the swimmers got hit.

I know that one of their prime food sources, turtles, are in that area. Perhaps turtles had gathered off the beaches in preparation for laying their eggs in the sands. Hawaii has a similar situation. They have tried catching and killing the offending shark after an attack but that doesn’t really work because the offending shark has usually moved out of the area after and attack and what they usually catch are other sharks that are residents of the local reefs.