Drug Legalization Must Be Analyzed in Depth


During the Dialogues for Security organized by President Felipe Calderón on Monday and Tuesday to meet with civil society and experts and specialists on the issue, some of the participants put forward arguments regarding the advisability of legalizing certain drugs.

A propos of this, the President simply took note of the arguments in favor of legalizing drugs, adding that the pros and cons should be analyzed in depth during this debate.

The Mexican president said that legalizing drugs in Mexico could make Mexico pay all the negative consequences of this modification in the legislation and receive very few positive results in exchange. President Calderón said that several generations of young people would be at risk due to the foreseeable increase in the consumption of these substances as a result of their legislation.

Therefore, despite opposing the legalization of drugs, President Calderón does not oppose the debate on this issue.

One thought on “Drug Legalization Must Be Analyzed in Depth”

  1. Bueno … en primer lugar, ¿por qué iba alguien a pensar en la legalización de las drogas? Esto hará que mucha gente en peligro, incluidas las personas que hacen las drogas. Esto hará que más bandas y las acciones violentas

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