Dubai Making (Expensive) Tracks in Cabo


Have you ever been to the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos? It’s a pretty amazing place. I was there for a few days courtesy of the administration when I worked as Mexico Editor for Recommend magazine. I have to say, it’s pretty high up on my list of favorite hotels. Not only is it beautiful, but the attention to detail is extraordinary. A lot of the credit goes to its GM, a lovely man by the name of Edward Steiner…

Anyway, before I start drooling on my keyboard, I wanted to share a little note I found in Reuters. Apparently, Mr. Sol Kerzner, he of the One&Only’s around the world, has decided to sell 50% of his lovely Palmilla retreat to a massive developer from Dubai. You might recall that Power Point show making the rounds of inboxes everywhere showing those palm tree-shaped islands? Those guys. Of course, if someone offered me $315 million, I’d probably sell, too.

According to Reuter’s, it’s the Nakheel company’s “first foray into Latin America.” With the kind of money these guys have and the incredible allure of said continent, methinks it won’t be the last.